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Question about Volks Sei Tenshi's? ^_^;;

Sep 15, 2006

    1. Not sure if this belongs here, so please feel free to move it mods if it doesn't. ^_^ In which case, I apologize. ^_^;;

      Okay, I THINK when I say "Sei Tenshi" I'm thinking of the mini, like, Yo-Tenshi (or smaller) dolls from Volks with magnetic wings?

      If I'm using the wrong name, please feel free to correct me. ^_^;;

      Anyway, my question is, how exactly does one come across one? I mean, I've heard from somewhere that you get them randomly at dollpa's and store openings. But, I'm sure there's more ways to get one, right? Or .. maybe what I'm hearing is wrong?

      That's where you all can come in! Let me know! ^_^ I'm really curious, because these little cuties are SO adorable, and SO EXPENSIVE! O.O!!! hehe.

      Thankie! ^_^
    2. Sei Tenshi and Yo Tenshi are different, you can read more in depth about Sei Tenshi here. As for how to obtain, you win them from either big Dolpas or the Doll Parties like the LA opening or the FDQ/Volks tea party in NYC.
    3. There are (in order of size/age per Volks)

      Sei Tenshi
      Yo Tenshi
      Yo SD

      The Sei Tenshi are only given away. They are a little bit smaller than the Yo's and have permanent resin wings. No two are the same.

      The Yo Tenshi have magnetic wings, and are the size of a Yo SD. They were sold at very few Dolpas, and are VERY limited in number.

      Yo SD would be the "standard" of the three. Released (though limited) at several dolpas recently.
    4. As far as I know, Yo Tenshi are only sold for Sato events, not at regular Dolpas, at least that's been the case with the only two Yo Tenshi so far (Yuki and Kasumi). I wasn't into BJDs when Yuki was released and s/he may have been available at a normal Dolpa, but I know Kasumi wasn't.
    5. Ahhhh. ^_^

      Well, I know all about Yo-SD's and the Yo Tenshi's, but I didn't know that Sei tenshi's had permanent wings. ^_^ Learn something new every day! :D

      That's really neat that they're no two are the same. And even more suspensefull that you have to win them!

      That would DEFINITELY (with all said above in combination) explain why they're so expensive when on auction. ^_^;;

      thanks so much for clearing that up for me! ^_^!!!!
    6. I didn't put it on my page, but the usual number for Sei Tenshi given away at Dolpas is 2-3. I'm unsure how many Sei Tenshi are available at twin hometown Dolpas like the recent ones, though.
    7. I heard that sometimes they might pop up in Yahoo Japanese auctions.. ^w^;;;
    8. Yep, they do, usually around once a month. This one is up right now, and although no one has bid yet, it will either sell for this price or up to around 200000 yen, which is why most people prefer to win them for free straight from Volks :) This auction irks me though, the person is an obvious scalper..starting with such a high price :(
    9. Yea, I saw that auction. I was like.. "WOW!" I've seen Sei Tenshi's in pictures before, and was like "ok, i want one!!!" lol. But after hearing how limited they are, it's definitely going to be the luck of the draw I guess. And to top it off, my odds aren't great not going to the dolpa's are they? lol. Ah well. Maybe someday, right? ^_^;;

      In any case.. now, does Volks give them with clothing? Or as shown like in that auction? And, with the wings, I wonder how hard it'd be to make clothing. And.. do the wings move?

      hehehe.. sorry for so many questions! ^_^;; They just.. fascinate me! :D
    10. I feel odd about people selling seitenshis to begin with... They're a gift. It's not like a doll you raffle for the oportunity to buy. They're FREE and super limited. I can understand if you can't afford to keep the doll or even trading to a certain degree but just selling one because you know they're worth a lot...

      I can see both sides. Both that that IS a lot of money but also it's something special. I'm not particularly rich but I'm not super poor either... Though neither are the people who go to these events. I dunno I guess it's just like someone selling any gift it feels weird to me. Not nessecerily wrong just weird...

      Back on subject. I hope the next yo-tenshi they release is also at the LA store. I asked at the last tea party and was told that they would take it into consideration. Which I know means very little but they have been very nice to the LA store so far and it is the only one in america at the moment so maybe they'll look kindly upon us who have no way of getting to japan!

      Edit: Sei-tenshi wings don't move. They're glued in. They also come naked. Though it's not too hard to make clothes for them. No more than a yo-sd. But there isn't any clothing you can buy for them to my knowledge and they have even smaller feet than yo's so shoes don't cross over if I remember correctly.

      Also don't worry about questions. *is in love with tiny tenshis aswell*
    11. I wonder how you put clothes on them o.o
    12. You could cut/sew slits into the clothing to fit the wings through. All the offical pictures from volks seem to have them in togas and other wrap around clothing. O_o

      Maybe you could put one in a really tiny sarong?
    13. The wings *can* come off..they're just not meant to *_* They attach with nubs just like Volks optional ears. As for clothes, owners either get shirts that don't cover the whole back or simply leave a button undone.
    14. Yeah, but unlike optional ears you're left with two rather unsightly resin hunks sticking out of the shoulder blades, and they're not easily reattached. Not unless you want to attack them with superglue or something. :sweat
    15. Wow, ouch! I wouldn't wanna wreck them. :(

      As for Sei Tenshis? I don't think I'd ever sell mine, IF I ever got one! Like you said, it IS a gift. I would be over ecstatic if I won one, and I don't think I'd have any issues with it in my dollie home. heh. ^_^

      Although, I have to admit, though it would KILL me.. if it came to a point where I HAD to have alot of money VERY quickly, the Sei Tenshi would be first to go. Mainly because I've developed a CLOSE bond with my other dolls. I couldn't bare to see them go.

      Like I said, it'd kill me inside to have to get rid of it.. but.. if it came to be the ONLY way.. I guess.. you do what you have to do.

      Back on track.. As far as clothing goes, I can understand why they wouldn't market clothing. I mean, with them being so special, you wouldn't want to market clothing for them. I always feel whenever I make something for mine, that I've bonded better with my dollies. ^_^ SO maybe doing that helps people really bond with theirs? I can see how it might be difficult, but, if you made like, long button holes (fully stitched), you probably could get an attractive outfit, ne? ^_^

      I don't think I'd take the wings off though, especially if they're not meant to come off. o.o;;

      As far as shoes? Maybe making booties would be cute for them? ^_^

      My other question is, wigs. I'm guessing they at least come with one. heh. I think I've seen that in one of the auctions. But being they're different from others, is there anywhere to buy wigs, or do most just, make their own fur one's? ^_^;;

      And thank you TeaTime! ^_^ I just think they are too cute for words!! hehe. As far as trading goes? Hrmmm.. I dunno if I would trade, if I ever got one. I mean, they are pretty special. *nodnod* I guess if you're going to, it'd better be a dollie that's just as rare, or valued. *nodnod* I couldn't see trading it for say.. a hound.

      Thanks so much everyone! ^_^!!
    16. They each come with a random color fur wig, usually grey, white, or blonde.
    17. Since they have the same size head as a Yo-SD they can wear their wigs (I saw one where someone had modded the neck to fit on a Yo-sd body).

      If you need clothing ideas think Haibane Renmei ;)

      Make a dress with a bib front that ties behind the neck, then make a jacket with sleeves and just put slits in the back for the wings.

    18. ohhh, now that sounds adorable!!! ^_^!!!

      All this makes me wonder, how many people here on DoA have one? ^_^

      Ohh. ^_^ Sounds cute!
      (Edit) kind of off topic, but the BJD Guide you have, is AWESOME! ^_^ I've been looking over all of the dolls there, and the Sei Tenshi's. Just adorable. ^_^!(/edit)
    19. Most Sei Tenshi owners on DoA have posted their angels in the database :daisy
    20. ohh! I didn't know there was one for them here. ^_^ Thank you kindly for the link! ^_^!!!