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Question :: Clothing

Oct 18, 2007

    1. I hope I am posting this in the right place, anyway...

      Based on what I understand it'll work, but I want to double check... Will all mini dolls clothing fit all dolls, or will only custom made clothes and clothes from the manufacturer fit? Kid Delf and DoC are both about the same height, so would clothes and wigs and such from luts for kid delfs also fit DoC? I found a lot of clothes on dollmore that I like that are MSD and from what I understand they whould fit my DoC... Am I correct?

      I just want to make sure before I actually buy him clothes and then have them not fit him.

      I am fairly new to BJDs so any help would really be appreciated...
    2. No. Every company's Mini has its own head size and body measurements. Even having the same height is not clue. Some dolls are slim, some are not, some are mature, some are not.

      If you know the measurement of your doll's head - if it is in cm convert it to inches (divide by 2.54). If you do not have the head measurement, here is how to measure:

      If your doll's head is between 6 and 7 inches, then she wears size 6-7 wigs. If between 7 and 8 inches she wears 7-8 wigs. If very close to an even inch size - very close to 7 or very close to 8 - you may have to ask other owners of that doll type what wigs fit well.

      If you are looking at wigs from another company, and that company sells their own BJD minis, find out what size their mini's head or wigs are because the wigs they sell are generally meant to fit the doll they sell. If you are looking at wigs from a company that does not sell BJD minis, and the size of the wigs is not stated, ask somebody. If they are called MSD wigs and the company does not sell mini BJD's, they are probably 7-8 wigs, and if they call them Unoa or Narae wigs they are probably 6-7.

      Re clothing - ditto. Find out your doll's measurements. Find out the measurements of the doll the clothes are made for. Compare pictures of the doll body they are made for with the body of your doll (are the proportions about the same, etc). And it will also depend on the clothing - if your doll's waist it bigger but the outfit is not fitted at the waist, then you doll's waist size should not matter. Same goes for hips, stretch fabrics, etc. Shoulder width should help you know how it will fit across the shoulders. Slacks are tricky because doll's leg lengths vary and companies measure leg length various ways. Also even if your doll's hips are similarly sized,the proportion of hip that is width and the part that is the size of their butt can be different. Maybe ask other owners what brands of slacks will fit your doll.

      And for some cheap clothing, be sure to check out Friends2BMade - fit varies, slacks fit few, headgear and shoes fit none.

      Here is a DOC owner dying some F2BM for her DOC Bee-A

      Big Friends2BMade thread:

      usagi's F2BM Database:

      The Store - (look at the Friends clothes, not Sweethearts)

      And some larger cities and malls made have Friends2BMade physical store or a Build-A-Bear store that also carries some Friends2BMade. If so, you can often bring your doll and try stuff on (many seem to allow that). And you can often find pieces for sale in the marketplace.

    3. Thank you very much for your help. I wasn't sure because of hieght and such. I'll take a look at the sites as soon as I am able to. Once again, thank you very much.

      What is MSD...? That's probably commen knowledge, but I had never heard of it till I joined.
    4. Mini Super Dolfie I think? :)
    5. Alright, thank you very much.
    6. Hey :) I just noticed your post as I'm also looking for clothes to fit my doll.. I checked out the Friends2BeMade site plus a couple of other links and noticed someone had purchased some clothes for their doll from the Friends2BeMade site.

      Now I know this is a *general* question but... A doll I saw was about the same size (MSD) as my doll and they were wearing clothes from the above site. I know on the Friends2BeMade site they say "these items only fit the Friends2BeMade" dolls but... I'm assuming MSD and Friends2BeMade dolls are around the same size then?!
    7. No - Friends2BMade and MSD are not the same size - Friends2BMade are fairly shapeless skinny rag dolls 15 inches tall. Their arms and legs are shorter than most MSD's and their waist seems to be about the same size as their hips.

      But lots of the tops are stretch fabric and fit a variety of minis (some loose, some tight). The skirts hang on the hips of skinny girls and sit high and even shorter on stocky immatures. Slacks fits few minis (need small hips, for slack length need legs not too long) - but they do fit some. Stretch waist-less dresses fit most minis, non-stretch are tight on some minis, waisted dresses sit too high. Tops with small defined breast areas often fit flat-chested minis better.

      Check out all of the links I put in message 2 above - the store, the big what fits thread, and the newish database of fit for each piece.