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Question for Anime/Convention Cosplay enthusiasts :D

Mar 29, 2008

    1. I honestly don't know if this is the right thread.. but this is for mini size dolls so.. :)

      I'm gathering "ideas" for the artist alley. ^^; I'm still very unsure about what to make for the convention. :(

      So, I need your help guys!

      Would you ever consider buying cosplay outfits for your lovely Mini Size Dolls? ( I have a tiny, but I doubt a lot of people would cosplay a tiny.. )

      If so, what outfit would you like? It doesn't have to be JUST anime characters.. movies are great too. :D

      Please.. don't suggest ones you won't even consider buying. :( Do let me know what you're REALLY looking for so as to minimize confusion.. ^__^

      I would greatly appreciate it! :D
    2. If you can consider EGL and a sailor schoolgirl outfit cosplay, then they already do have outfits... but I am planning on getting one of my girls an outfit for a convention, to cosplay as a Bleach character.
    3. Yes, that is exactly the type of "cosplay" I mean. :)

      Character cosplay. ^__^ If I may ask, which Bleach character specifically? which outfit?
    4. Star trek uniforms. :D Starfleet and Bajoran uniforms specifically. I would definitely buy one.
    5. My plan is to have her dressed as 11th division lietenant Yachiru... to go with my Kenpachi, lol.
    6. I've done doll clothes sales at artist alleys for a few conventions and this is what generally sells well:

      -gender neutral clothing (shirts, pants, etc. Normal pants and jeans are a particularly hot item)
      -simple dresses/skirts

      And as for cosplay outfits, I would say look at what are the most popular animes out now. Death Note comes to mind...
    7. I agree that you should look at what's popular right now, so you can cast your net as wide as possible. :)

      I generally don't care about cosplays for my dolls but I would buy general clothing items like t-shirts and pants. Maybe something cute would be like shirts with anime drawings on them, or a reproduction of a popular human-sized shirt. I'm talking about like those mass-produced Evangelion or whatever t-shirts that at least one vendor has at every convention. I would be highly amused with a doll-sized version of it.

      Going along that vein, maybe other things that people always buy at conventions like Naruto forehead protectors would be fun.
    8. Yep... Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Death Note are almost definately top 10 Manga's at the moment. I have seen Naruto forehead protectors for SD size, MSD size ones would be good :)
    9. Mazikeen & Lee-at: aww how cute! ^__^ thanks for letting me know guys! It really helps me a lot in terms of getting ideas. Thank you for answering my question!

      Kyrie Arashi & scarlet: Ohh.. thank you for this really neat tip! I guess that would make things easier for me if they weren't cosplay clothes..

      From the lack of response, I'm beginning to suspect that not a lot of people are willing to "pay" for actual cosplay clothing for their dolls.. :( So casual might be the best "bet"

      But I do want to make at LEAST a few.. and yeah, I should look more "into" the top 10 mangas at the moment, but i'm somewhat scared that "DEATH NOTE" is already "last year".. ive seen the waning of popularity on this series. ^^; Although of course there are other series to look at.. xD; so thanks guys <3

      About the shirt, that is a neat idea! I'm guessing iron-on transfers would be the best. And I don't mind drawing the characters anyway.. ^__^ I will definitely take note of this one. :D
    10. Well, I'll put in my own reasoning as to why I'm not interested in doll costumes. Since I already sew some doll clothes, I'm usually only interested in things that are too difficult for me to make or something I wouldn't have thought of (like a really unique shirt or something) or something hard to find.

      When that comes to cosplay, thus I wouldn't be interested in Bleach cosplay because I already know how to make these types of simpler cosplay. But of course, these are the things that would be the easiest to make in multiples and would have a good price point.

      If you make something unique but not necessarily complex, like Blade of the Immortal outfits, I would be extremely tempted to buy just because it's a very uncommon item and I personally like the series very much. But this is bad because choosing something less popular will drastically decrease the number of potential buyers.

      Going on to things that have a huge "wow" factor, like Trinity Blood cosplay, these attract a lot of attention to your table right off the bat. Now that I think of it, maybe it's worth doing just one or two insane ones as a way to get people to check out your stuff. And this is the kind of stuff I would personally be most interested in buying. But these kinds of things take a lot of time and skill to do. The labor and materials make them too expensive to warrant some kind of impulse buy. Although I would want to buy it, it's the kind of thing I'd want to think about for some time. And at conventions, of course everyone is carefully budgeting their money. And people feel pressured to buy now lest it be gone a half hour later.

      Since cosplay + sewing skills + dolls do have a correlation, I think there will be others that will react in the same way. But there's no way of knowing if I'm part of a majority or minority.

      I just had another thought...what about some outfits that appear in multiple anime...like Shinsengumi uniforms, and I know others have said kimono or sailor outfits, happi coats, Heian outifts etc. Seems like all I can think of is Japanese clothes. Well, that makes sense. :)
    11. well, I can't be sure /quite/ yet, but I might be interested in a Naruto outfit. Pre-timeskip.

      I'm really iffy on if I want it in mini or standard size. That would be the only uncertain part, for me.
    12. I don't really follow a lot of the currently popular anime, but I'd be interested in NICE high quality lolita outfits (seriously... nice ones, I wear lolita myself so I'm picky and a lot of the doll sized lolita stuff I see just doesn't get it right) and in terms of cosplay Sailor Moon outfits and other magical girls like Cardcaptor Sakura. I guess they're outdated, but in another sense they are classics (and people who are still fans are probably quite devoted!).

      Or even cutesy outfits that aren't actually cosplay but are very similar to magical girl costumes. ^^;

      I <3 magical girl if you can't tell XD
    13. I'd make my tinies cosplay if I had the time.

      Why don't you take commissions and build up a portfolio? Then you can see what people keep requesting you to make and build your "stock" to sell from there.

      The only true cosplay anyone of mine owns (save for Baron, who is...always cosplaying as it were, lol) is a very pretty white Rose Bride dress that can fit just about any of my minis, and I got it from LadyLenneth. She does a lot of cosplay for her dolls...
    14. scarlet, you do make very good points. I will keep all of them in mind.

      About people having a set budget, i will also NEED to keep that in mind as well.. people go there to the artist alley MAINLY to buy art, and "merchandise".. so yeah, thank you for pointing that out. it will really seem like that if i want to sell something, i would really need to keep in mind their "budget" >__<;

      And you mentioned about not being sure if you're in the majority or minority, yeah, there is really NO way of knowing.. because if people did.. would be so much easier to sell things to people! I guess the huge part of "selling" these types of things is finding out what the most popular stuff are.. and that's quite a doozy. it always changes all the time! crazy. :(

      kchan, skwerlie - thanks guys for letting me know what you're most interested in. ^^

      and haha, i LOVE magical girls too. ^^ well, boys in that type of thing are cute too. i really get drawn to "magic" themed animes, really. so i can totally see the attraction there!

      ophelia - ohh! great idea! ^__^ dang, im actually going somewhere soon, so i dont know how that would be possible yet.. i guess i'll have to see..

      oh wow! yeah, tinies would be tricky to make costumes for. there's only so much you can put on as detail..

      but yeah, thank you for your suggestion!! i will keep this in mind as well. :)
    15. I think having Cardcaptor Sakura-esque outfits for tinies would just be SOO ADORABLE~ 8D
    16. I agree with what scarlet said. I personally would not buy costumes for my dolls unless
      A. I really liked the anime it was based off of
      B. It was incredibly well made and complex

      I would suggest doing kimono. They are pretty easy to make so you can spend some extra time putting fine detail work into them. Also, it's something that just about any doll could wear and any owner could relate to/be interested in. I know that many people, including myself, are interested in buying kimono made of quality materials with authentic construction and details.