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Question for Cherish Dolls owners about wigs...

Jan 31, 2007

    1. I just got my Cherish Doll Alley at home from DollnDoll. I got with her a wig, that isn't the best to have and here is the question:

      If you have bought a wig to your doll, have you found suitable wig (4.5-5 inches) from anywhere than Cherish Doll?
      I checked Cancanjseries, but there the smallest wig was 5.5 inches,a nd I think that is too big...or is it? If it isn't, I wish you tell me that and then I could maybe order it.

      Thank you for your posts! :)
    2. A number of Monique wigs come in a 4.5 or 4-5. I'm looking for wigs for my little Unicorn girl. Also, tinybear makes gorgeous mohair wigs in the appropriate size. She has a thread in the eyes/wigs marketplace. :)
    3. Thank's for tips! :)
    4. I bought a Sybarite wig from Poshdolls on Ebay...fits perfectly.
    5. Thank also for you, clochette. ^_^
    6. I measured my unicorn girl's head today, and found that it's actually 5.25". So I don't know that a 4-5 wig would fit her.
    7. Anyone know if a Dollfie Plus wig would fit a Cherishdoll?
    8. No, it won't. The Cherishdoll head is much to large for a size 4, unfortunately.
    9. I got my Cherishdoll head yesterday whooohoooo

      so I will be doing wigs with that perfect fit :aheartbea :)

      he is lovely ...now to get his body
    10. Good! Cuz I want to order one in white for my Unicorn girl. Just have to sell some eyes first so I can afford to order it. :)
    11. I didn't even know that dollfie plus wigs were a size four. It doesn't say on the Volks page. XD Thanks.
    12. You're welcome. The Dollfie Plus, the Obitsu 27cm and Barbie all have heads approximately the same size and take a size 4 wig. There's a link on the Monique website that shows you how to measure a doll's head for wig size. Whatever that comes to in inches, is usually the wig size. For instance, if the head is 4.5" around, than it takes either a 4.5 wig, or a 4-5 wig. :)
    13. I just measured too the size of my Ayano, and actually the size is about 5.2 inches, not 4.5 inches as The Cherishdoll claims. Then 5.5 wig should fit for them. :)
    14. That's the same thing I found, that my Alley Unicorn girl's head was approximately 5.2", not 4.5". Wonder where/what the folks at Cherishdoll were measuring?
    15. Yeah...I have also thought about it...Maybe I should comment about it them and the they might change the information.
    16. I have to say, I'm having problems with fitting wigs for her too. Some 5-6 wigs work, some are too big. And, even worse, it may not fit my BC Sisley either. At this point I have a pink Pinky in a 5-6 that doesn't fit either girl. Guess it goes off to the Marketplace.
    17. I'm discovering this too with my Allie...:roll:

      I'm also getting a BC (Kumi), so I was hoping they could share-?
    18. Well...maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on the wig...
    19. I was just reading the BC wig thread-
      I'm looking at the CanCan wigs too, guess I'll have to wait and see...
      Thanks :)
    20. http://www.kemperdolls.com has a lot of different wigs in many sizes. I haven't bought any wigs for Michael yet because I love his pale blonde one too much, but I would buy from them because you can find some nice and decently priced wigs. :3