Question: Heeled feet for Iplehouse SID Male!

Dec 4, 2020

    1. Apologies if this has been asked before, I’ve really really looked and couldn’t find a thread about it!

      I was wondering if there are any high-heel capable feet in ANY brand that wouldn’t look too off on an SID guy? I know HID women are at least the same height, but since their feet aren’t the same length and their ankle sizes are pretty different.... I figure that’s a long shot xD

      I wouldn’t need them right away (I don’t even have the doll yet lol) so if I’d have to wait for something second hand to open up that’s fine, but I like having a game plan or at least an idea so! If anyone knows anything lmk!! ^^

      edit: should have mentioned! fit is more important to me than resin match. I figure between blushing/dyeing or honestly just closed shoes altogether it wouldn’t be that big a deal
    2. Giving this a bump! I’d really like to know if anyone’s tried, even without success haha