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Question: New Obitsu Gretel heads?

Apr 10, 2008

    1. I have an old gretel head on my doll Orian... but, while looking up information on the obi 55 cm bodies for a friend, i discovered that parabox has a new gretel head listed.
      Upon further research, I discovered that the new gretel head has eye pockets that make inserting and shifting the eyes much easier. PLUS, the neck is supposed to fit better... giving a better range of motion.
      I wonder, though, are they larger? Do they have the same wig size? I ask this because Orian's head is MSD size (I noticed this after taking measurements) and parabox says that the new Gretel head fits SD bodies better than the old Gretel Head...
      They also say the faces are slightly different. Does anyone have any comparison shots I can take a gander at?

      I want to be careful because I'm SO buying this new head.... but at the same time, I'm getting a wig from leekeworld, and want to make sure I get the right size TT-TT
      Please, any word would help!
    2. figured it out... they're practically the same, supposedly ^^;;;

      Now, to figure out what to do with his old head, while I wait for the new one.... o.o....
    3. Me again. I wanted to list the differences I've found between both the heads.
      To me, the new gretel head feels a little heavier. Also, the face is a little lopsided ^^;; I laughed for days when I noticed. It's a little hard to see at first, but the lips pucker at an angle!
      There's an obvious difference in the eyes. They say the older gretel heads have a size difference between them, which I noticed, but it seems like the same goes for the newer heads as well. I don't mind it... my eyes are the same o.O (that's how my eyes look, lol.) And if it really bothers me, I can widen it with heat. Also, the lids are thicker, which I think I'll love when I do Orian's new head's faceup!
      Then, it comes with eye pockets and a wider neck, blah, blah, blah... XD Those into obitsus would know all those details...

      STILL, I wonder what to do with Orian's old head >O<!
    4. It's good to know the differences between the old and new Gretel heads. So few of us get to see and compare both styles - Thanks
      Sell it for a discount on Junkyspot?
    5. I just received my head from junkyspot today, was a little disapointed to see it was the old type head - but luckily i still had eye putty from my other dolls. :) Please post pictures of the type 2 gretel head if/when you decide to order her :) I'm curious to see the difference in the eyes/lips myself. Maybe you can even do some comparison photos before you sell the other head ^-^
    6. :)I like the new Gretel head due to the eye pockets and l plan on buying one when payday gets here.