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Question: Who is this girl?

Jan 4, 2007

    1. Hunting for:


      Sadly i missed this auction on Y!J and i really regret it :(

      But now i want to know more ^^ Who made this head? And what is her name? As far as i can remember the Seller said she was beauty white and MSDsize. I can't remember the rest and i lost the link to the auction :doh I hope someone can help me out :D
    2. wow, she's pretty! I'm thinking dollmore? It looks like their style, or maybe an artist made head? I'm not sure, you can smack me if i'm totally wrong. But, she's totally gorgeous! And that little horn is the cutest! ^^
    3. It's an Artist Head i think. The Seller said something about Artistmade Head but i can't remember the name *_* Isn't she oh so pretty? I love that little horn - she always reminds me of Amalthea from 'the last unicorn' :aheartbea
    4. She looks like an artist's-made head to me . . . I don't recognize her, but she really is adorable!!

      She's somewhat similar to Secretdoll Yomo, and I know they make a Sleeping Yomo head . . . you might be able to have one modded into a similar-looking unicorn girl if your search for the maker of this one doesn't come through.

      Good luck!!

      -- A <3
    5. Thanks PrincessAI and Ashbet ^^

      I hope someone else can point me into the right direction, i'm really curious about the Artist and if he/she made other heads too. :)

      I might have to get someone to mod me a SD Girl that is inspired by this head, but i'm not sure if any Customizer would do that :sweat
    6. Oh! She's like Acorna with her little horn and white hair! Now if only she had four two-jointed fingers and little hooves. <33

      Sorry. McCaffrey-rant. x.x
    7. According to the auction, the mold name is "Nia", and she was limited to 20 pieces. I don't see an artist's name attached, unfortunately. =;_;=
    8. That's definately Nia. I was outbid on her once. Nia was a limited, MSD-sized artist head. I don't remember the artist's name, but I do know they are Korean.

      The site that the photos are hosted on is this one. If you rifle through the 'Auction' gallery, there are a few shots of the Nia mold throughout.


      You may be able to get more information about the doll in those posts.
    9. Im not sure if this was said, but there is a mini like her offered by... oh, i cannot remember. She has the unicorn horn as well - there is a demon doll too.

      Bring this pic to the tiny thread and they'll help you find one just like her!