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questions about Delf limited Woosoo

Jun 14, 2006

    1. hello, everyone^^ I have a question about CP Delf Woosoo from Luts, is he ever going to be available again? I mean their keeping his photos on the site with the whole "well we are either out of stock of this item or we just haven't put a price tag on it yet" is a real tease >.< ... is the secondary market the only way to adopt him? I can't imagine anyone wanting to part with him... :( ....
    2. Thus far - they haven't released any information about re-releasing any of the limiteds - that includes Woosoo. But Woosoo was released just last year - so if they do rerelease him - it probably won't be for some time.

      They are resold on the secondary market. Sometimes people just don't bond. But thankfully, that gives others a chance to bring these gorgeous boys home. Keep the faith! They're out there.
    3. mew... well, thats what I get for not being aware of him sooner... I'll just have to keep an eye out in the marketplace and ebay I guess... thanks for helping me though^^
    4. x-X I sure hope they resale them on Luts. Even though they did say that they might not sell him anymore. But I did ask if they were going to make more vampires... and they said yes, so there might be a chance. :eusa_pray
    5. Maybe they'll make a MNF version 8DDD I've said I don't want a MNF and a Delf of the same mold, but I'd make an exception for a MNF Woosoo X3
    6. A MNF Woosoo would be too adorable to resist!! :D
    7. I know. I would buy a MNF and a Delf!! *_* :D
    8. I want MNF of all the vampires! *drools* Especially the boys.
    9. I've asked if they would make MNF WooSoo, but Doogi said no.
      I think he looks to much like Chiwoo, same with BreakAway looking to much like El [being made from that mold]
      But if they will make them no one knows and asking will not help, cause they never tell us their plans =_=

    10. well woosoo is a rarity... but it occasionally does pop up...
    11. There seems to be a lot of Woosoo talk going around recently :O
    12. ^__^ My obsession with them finally became contagious. ((3 different Woosoos were hard to get, but if I can get three; I know someone out there can get one))

      When I first got on here, I'd see a picture of one, once every 2 months. But now that everyone's gotten into them, they seem to be popping up more now. :D :D :D
      It makes me happy to see them here all the time, now.
    13. did you see the one on ebay last week for like $350??
      just the head :|

      I'd love one, and I get upset when people have so many of the same limited. I mean okay you like them but so do other people. =[
    14. I only have 1% of them available in the world, so unless I have ten, I don't think anyone has a right to complain. There are 300 available in the world and they pop up pretty regularly. I want a Bermann, but I don't get angry at people who own 2 or more ~ and they're more limited than the Woosoos. I'm not one of those people that says they desperately want a doll, to then sacrifice the money for that dream doll to get another one. My main goal was to have woosoo triplets, and no amount of money - sweat - blood - tears - frustrations - waiting time - or bidding wars, were going to stop me from bringing my babies home. :aheartbea

      I never once went against someone who had already bid on him before me from this board, as I find that to be petty. But sometimes the reverse happens, being out of your control and you deal. When I did bid on MiYuki, I asked that my respect for others be returned (hoping to make it aware to others than I'd bid on him already). But as usual, someone has to come out with guns blazing, and they wanted to start a bidding war. I'd already sent Celga about $450 to cover for his head incase it went higher than $900 (a day before that person sent theirs). In the end, the person in question had been outbid about 6 hours before Celga even put down my bid on him, and an hour later he was mine. I would have paid $900 for his head. If that's not LOVE, I don't know what is.

      I may have paid more than most people would ever consider paying for the three of them, but I did it out of love. And I regret not a single solitary penny. If CP had made Woosoo stock dolls like Shiwoo or Vampy Shiwoo, I can bet you I'd have about 5 or 6 by now. But they're limited, so its 10 times harder.

      Those that love and adore them, do what they can to search for them, and finally bring them home. And we only wish the same for others.
    15. i love your dolls, and three isnt too bad.
      but I've spoken to someone who has about eight or nine bermann and four woosoo's and never plays with them or anything.

      I asked if she'd be interested in selling one of her woosoos and she said no. even though none of them have left their boxes since she got them.

      and I didnt say angry. I said upset. you clearly love your dolls.
    16. i'm sorry for my misunderstanding. T_T;;

      :( not playing with them is sad. and you're right what's the point of keeping something beautiful that can be loved by another, in a box?

      is she keeping them for resale? or is she a collector? sometimes they're like that too. :(
    17. it's okay, sorry for not making myself clear.
      I don't know how she does it. I would feel so guilty about it.
      She just likes to be able to say "i've got blah blah amount of limiteds. aren't i awesome?"

      she has no clothes for them, and theyre not even somehwere easily accessible. she's not on any doll forums so she can't even tell avid doll fans about them!
    18. Oh, that's sad. ;__; It sounds like she's a 'hoarder'. People like that don't really care about the item once they have it--it's all about getting it in the first place...and once they have it they'll never part with it, even if all they do is store it.

      Ah...one day I will have a Woosoo. *determined nod* They're so pretty. *__* I really want a BW vamp, though...way to limit my chances, huh? *heh*
    19. That's horrible!! Where's the love??? If I was like that I would sell them to loving people but if that's what floats her boat, then so be it. I really want a NS Vampire Head but I also want the normal head too...*_*
    20. I think we should all remember - when you pay the money for something, it's yours to do what you want with ^^; If someone wants fifty Woosoos to sit in a room and do nothing, that's their call. Sure, it's annoying when scalpers buy up limited dolls just to re-sell at a higher value - but in the case of an owner who just doesn't play with her dolls... it's her call, I think :3

      If I didn't have so many other dolls on my wish list, I'd want Woosoo twins myself X3 They're just so fantastically pretty!