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questions about hats!

Nov 15, 2010

    1. I'm not sure if this question is the right subject for general discussion board but I was wondering of where can I find a fedora hat that fits an msd doll? *_*
    2. Check a craft store like Michaels, they occasionally sell hats for those plastic dolls people knit clothes for. I've had some turn up in thrift stores too. Take the doll with you to make sure it fits.
    3. You might try Cheery Doll USA -- they sell a variety of hats, and it strikes me that they may have something fedora like.
    4. Thanks you guys I'll totally keep these in mind! =D
    5. perhaps can try do it yourself (DIY)..it would save cost and u can have your own design
    6. I was thinking of making one but just figuring out what material I need to use. Actually I can go ask a friend of mine.