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Questions about Hypermaniac Muse?

Jan 9, 2007

    1. I saw this doll for the first time yesterday when she was posted on Zone of Zen, and have totally flipped for her. I am so close to selling all my other dolls in order to buy her, but I have some questions I hope you owners can answer.
      Can you show me your factory face ups of Muse? How do you like her body, I understand she is chunkier than alot of other MSDs, is she easy to find ready made clothes for? Can she fit into Kish Seasons, or is she bigger--like American Girl size? What about shoes, are those easy to find? And finally, because she is chunkier, is she also another scale, or does she still look in proportion with other child MSD's, or is she a "stand alone" doll? And please, please, post--more pictures of this lovely girl!
    2. She's came with two sets of hands, 'grumpy' hands and normal ones.
      The faceup she came with looks very beautiful. It's pink, very detailed. I love it a lot, it was worth it.

      I love her body, it poses wonderfully, it's sculpted cute. It is chubbier, and she might not (in my guess, I'm not sure) fit into some MSD clothes like pants, she might be fine with skirts and stuff. I don't know, I have no MSD clothes here, so I hope someone will answer. (by MSD I mean Volks MSD clothes)

      Also, her foot size is large, so it may be difficult to find shoes. Her wig size... if I remember right is 8.5, when i put her in a SD boy's wig, she swam in it.

      She definitely wouldn't fit into American girl size clothes I'd think, but the others, I don't know of so I'm not sure.

      She doesn't look too chubby to me, I'm sure she'd look fine with other dolls. She's not morbidly obese, she's just a chubby little kid. ^^


      In the gallery, picture 253 is a body shot.
    3. Check with Kallisti ( http://www.blastmilk.com ) -- she has MSD's and a Muse, and may be able to tell you a bit more about her size in clothes.

      I love my HM boy and wouldn't trade him for the world!! And I was *very* pleased with the quality of his default face-up -- very subtle and detailed.

      -- A :>
    4. Hi!
      I've found that my vintage Sasha stuff fits her great... even the shoes (and with socks on too)!!
      So that is probably the best option. I think the pants might be too short, but if you could find dresses and such for her that would be best.

      My Muse is currently wearing a YJ MSD dress... It's longer than normal so it fits her really nicely.

      I've also tried Dollheart seperates on her, and though the fit's a little close in places, she looked quite cute!

      Grael has some boots that fit her (she has a Muse too). I bought a pair of her "extreme" boots in black lacquer and they fit well. They were made for MSD boys.

      I don't have many pics of mine yet... the weather's too icky here. Mine doesn't have the default faceup though.

    5. I'm adopting a Muse and am wondering about eye size. Could anyone give me a starting point? Toydogz4, I love the size in your girl's teaparty photoshoot.