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questions about Seimei [aeon/dive]

Apr 10, 2006

    1. And there I was, thinking I wouldn't fall in love with another doll again..

      I just love Seimei ^_^ but..I don't know much about him..I found this site: http://dive.er.ro/ but the international order in English doesn't seem to be working..I read in another thread that these heads come up for auction on Y!J every now and then, but how often is that? And how expensive are they, most of the time? And is there a white and normal skin? What kind of bodies do they match with? I know they match with Volks SD13 body, but if it's possible, I'd love a CP body for him..is that also possible? And is it possible to, with a shopping service or something, order him off the site or do you have to go through Y!J? Are they always with face-ups or can you get them blank too?

      So..lots of questions..if you have an answer to any of these, I'd be very, very thankful!

      thank you ^_____^
    2. I've only seen it on an SD13 boy body, and although I go on Y!J a lot, I don't think I've ever seen a Seimei up there..but then again I don't look for it so maybe I've just missed it. Valentine will probably add more when she sees this thread.
    3. I've seen two Seimei heads go up for sale on the DoA Marketplace in the last few months, one in December and one a month ago. I know Kiyakotori got one of them, you could PM her about current prices. I also know she waited a long time to find one. I'd wish you good luck but you seem pretty lucky all on your own (you got your Cecil after all!).

      Such a beautiful face! :nosebleed
    4. It's been a long time since they were available, I think, and as far as I know they were only auctioned, never sold directly...? Of the ones I've seen auctioned, they were always with a faceup (either by Sairin or Aeon). The "order" link on the Dive site is probably for faceup commissions, not for purchasing heads. 'Course, that's only speculation since the link has never worked.

      My Jocelyn is a Seimei head, and he was won in fall of 2004, I think one of the first to be auctioned off as he was relatively cheap. (He's normal skin, and at the same time, a "matching" white skinned head was also auctioned.)

      As idrisfynn mentioned, there have been a couple up for sale on DoA before, but they were also all won from Yahoo!Japan quite some time ago. Your chances of getting one now, unfortunately, are slim and none. I think the last one sold went for $600 or so, and I'm pretty sure the current owners of all Seimei heads on the board would like to keep them. =^^=;;
    5. thank you very much ^__^I was expecting something like that XD but it doesn't matter if it will take a long time, I'll just try it ^_^Perhaps I'll get lucky again? XD
    6. Like Idris said, I won the Seimei that came up on DoA back in March 2006. 6__6

      After looking for one for over two years, the $600 I paid seemed like a steal, let me tell you! It was actually a decent price, but not unbelievable. They tend to go for anywhere from $400-800. I've not seen one go for under $400 since back when they were first released (the first two or three auctions on Y!JA, which went for around $350 a piece, and which seemed expensive to me then - now I know better).

      No one knows (aside from Aeon, of course) how many actually exist, but the estimate is around 15-20 worldwide. I know of 9 confirmed, but there very well could be more. There are only 4 Seimei heads shown on the current and past 'auctions' section of Aeon's site, Dive. One of those 4 heads is the one I own (the last - that's the faceup he had when I got him,though it's been changed). One of the four is definitely whiteskin, the other three appear to be normal. I've also seen three sold by Sairin on Y!JA with faceups by her (the ones on Dive were all painted by the creator, Aeon), though there may have been more. Two unpainted heads (one each in white and normal skintones) were sold on Y!JA by Aeon in 2005.

      There are reputedly two different versions of the head, with some minute differences in the shape of the nose between them. I've never personally seen evidence of this, but it is possible I've missed pictures that are no longer up somewhere.

      There is a Seimei head in whiteskin in the Marketplace right now, the seller is asking $590. Not a bad price, considering the white skin is possibly (though not certainly) more rare than the normal, and the beautiful faceup from Sairin he has.


      Does that help? <3
    7. Have you seen the BW one that is currently in the marketplce? ^^
    8. Yes, I saw him ^_^ He's gorgeous, as always..unfortunately, I can't afford him right now.. ;______; it's a shame, because I love the white skintone and his face-up is lovely..maybe if he's around later..*hopes*
    9. Well sice I started this thread, might as well reply xD Unfortunately, the Seimei heads have been sold out quite a while :( You can still find them on the marketplace and on Y!J, it will take a bit of a wait and a search but they're definetly worth it <3 I got my Seimei in the end as well and, even though I never wanted to have a favorite, he really became my favorite doll ^^;; It's a really nice head, so if you like him I'd say go for it <3