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Questions about Volks Four sisters and FCS f-01

Oct 14, 2006

    1. Okay so supposedly the Four Sisters Head and the F-01 are the same. Supposedly. But someone told me they're "slightly different."

      The person who said this was implying that Megu (for example) would have a slightly different face from an F-01. It doesn't make sence to me because why would Volks make a second mold? It would cost them more and stuff. o.O

      (Also I didn't see a thread about this so... >.>)
    2. It's the default faceup theat they are given that's differant, as well as the eyes and wig that they come with. The mold is the same for all of them.
    3. Nope they are all identical in every way. its just the wigs you get with them that are different :)
    4. Not having compared all five without faceup side by side, but as far as I understand it they are exactly the same mold.

      Rumours abound regarding there being some "subtle difference" between the sisters, but I have never seen this substantiated. Simply: a Sarah with brown eyes and black hair suddenly becomes a Megu.
    5. The original four sisters may have had subtle differences. Otherwise, why would the original FCS have four differently numbered heads if they were all identical? Now that there is only one four sisters head in the FCS (F-01) I would guess that the new pureskin versions are all identical too.
    6. There weren't four identical heads in FCS, there was one, and it was F-01. The only differences are in the different resin/style phases, i.e. an original oldskin four sisters will be much larger than its Pureskin UV protect counterpart, and the oldskin one's eyes may be slightly less symmetrical (this is done for a realistic effect, but most people don't understand it, so Volks is making Pureskin versions much more symmetrical). The head caps are also different so the true length of the forehead is different. The "neck piece" on the back of the head mold is probably slightly longer on the Pureskin version as well.
    7. Actually, that's not true and gypsydale is correct. In the very first version of FCS, each 4 sister mold had her own unique headmold number. There were a lot of near identical heads in the original FCS system, not just including the four sisters.

      All the 4 sister molds come from the same master cast, but since they have their own unique mold from being casted separately, Volks considers them different and not exactly identical. Another example of this is Ryo and Nono13. They are both made from the same casting, but since they are separate molds, Volks considers them different even though they are virtually identical.
    8. As an owner of both original and pureskin 4 sister heads I can tell you this is also incorrect. The original 1999 4 sisters headmold is actually smaller than the pureskin version, and her eyes are just as symmetrical.

      For those of you who are curious, here are a few pictures.

      Left to right - 2004 Pureskin Nana, 1999 original oldskin Nana, 2002 New Makeup oldskin Nana

      1999 Original, 2002 New Makeup. The New Makeup standard line introduced the new remade 4 sister headmold in 2002.

      2004 Pureskin, 1999 original. The pureskin molds being made today are still using the 2002 casting.​

      Basically there are two noticeably different 4 sister molds. The original 1999 mold, and the remade mold that was first issued in 2002. The most noticeable differences in the faces of the molds is that the originals have more of a squarish jaw, and their eyes are set slightly higher up in the face. The other differences are the obvious headcap changes and the use of gold ID plates.
    9. My mistake on the numbering, I assumed from Aimee's guide from the lack of listed old head numbers there was only one head.

      I don't know the dates of both heads, just that the oldskin is the 1999 version and that the other is some form of Pureskin. My apologies to the owner, I forgot their site URL, but I saved these images;

      I assumed from these image that the oldskin was bigger, I guess the angles skewed my perception.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      From this shot I presumed that the oldskin's eyes were somewhat less symmetrical since the eyes are so wall eyed and seem to have a bit more white showing, yet the Pureskin's eyes look fine.
    10. Wow. This is all really interesting. Thanks for the pictures, Nena. It's cool to see them all lined up like that.
    11. usagi, I remember those pictures, a girl posted them here on the board some time ago. :daisy

      Using those photos as a guide really wouldn't be an accurate comparison as the the headcaps are not on, and the eyes of the original head have been modified to be much larger. The original has a longer forehead with a small headcap, but the remade head has a much larger headcap that makes it slightly bigger.
    12. Oh wow, what a discussion I braught up. o.O ^^ Anyway thanks so much for all the pics and insight.

      Also I noticed that the eyes on the heads are different. As in on the current Megu one eye is slightly different from the other for some reason, it also seems true for the older heads as well (looking at nena's pictures).

      Maybe it's true that Volks does something different to each head? Like after it's made and 'dry' (or hardened?) they change it up a bit?
    13. Do you mean on Pureskin Megu's face her left and right eye look different? Or that Pureskin Megu's face has different eyes from Pureskin Nana's face? If you mean the first, then it's the symmetry thing like I already explained. It's the same with Syo and Yori (both oldskin Syo and Pureskin Syo and Yori).