Questions for owners of older dolls: 10+ years

Jun 24, 2017

    1. I was the first owner of my very first dolls but then I found how difficult it was to get certain ones I wanted & started buying second hand as well as new. Since I started in this hobby early on, around 2004 or so & still have many of my first dolls, they've yellowed a little bit but it's not terribly noticible, just a mellowing really. The WS dolls are no longer paper white but rather a pleasing off white color & none of my tan dolls have turned green. I've found that I prefer my old dolls & haven't been really attracted by anything new for a while now so I'm not buying but rather liquidating most of my collection & just keeping a few very old ones that are special to me.
    2. My first 3 dolls were all bought from 5 Star Doll in 2011. Neither of them has yellowed much at all. I have kept them out of direct sunlight, and heat, but no other precautions. They are kept on a shelf which is deep enough so that dust does not reach them.

      The only doll I have which has yellowed badly is a white skin 5 Star Doll Quintus. Bought him from Denver Doll's in stock dolls last year. Since Quintus has been discontinued for a while, I have a feeling he was on display at Denver Doll where sun or heat may have gotten to him. His yellowing is even and looks like natural skin color. I don't mind, except he is supposed to be a vampire, and would have white skin I imagine.
    3. My oldest is an original Soom MD Amber from 2009. I'm definitely not her first owner, but having bought her in 2013, she's been with me for the bulk of her existence.

      I... have never heard of 'radioactive green' resin before, unless you mean some of the issues with color stability in VERY early tan dolls. Even extreme cases of yellowing are only caused by years of direct sunlight.

      Foxglove (Amber) has definitely changed over the years. The original cream yellow has faded into a white with a slight green tint that I honestly love; it goes wonderfully with her blushing and faceup. She's beautiful to me the way she is. To be honest, my most yellow doll is a Limhwa Half Elf I purchased new the same year, and she was already a pretty defined cream color to begin with like every other Limhwa I've seen.

      Brittle resin with age is something I also haven't heard of. There is a crack in the back of Foxglove's head, but that happened long before I purchased her...

      I don't treat her any differently from the rest of my girls. I keep her on open display with all the others out of direct sunlight, and the most maintenance she's ever needed is a single restringing and the odd stain removal (somber, black forest witch equals lots of dark clothing).