Questions on So Ye/Orientdoll

Dec 16, 2006

    1. Hi :) I want to buy one So Ye , but I want to be sure before buying it. I hope that you could help with these doubts: is orientdoll reliably? How is it the resin? Are his makeups good? Does you recommend to me to ask for the makeup? Are these dolls fragile? Which is your opinion of this mold? Does you recommend it to me? Kisses!;)
    2. I have five OD tinys, all with makeup, because it's smaller than I feel comfortable painting. I have Ye, she was the first one I bought, and I am very pleased with her. I've never had a problem with the resin on the tinys (the Tae size is a different story), and their customer service has always been wonderful. I've found them to be as durable as any other resin doll out there...not as fragile as one might imagine.
    3. I think OD have a lot of fans
      myself included , the default face-ups are sweet , resin is lovely
      I like dealing with Orient doll , they ship fast and have a good customer service
      I dont think they are any more or less fragile than any other tiny

      Mould is personal preference ;)

      if you cant sew , they are a great size , as Kelly/Shelly clothes fit and shoes fit
      and new baby born clothes
      a great all around little doll
    4. I have a So-Ye and So-JI and I love them...OrientDoll ships fast and sends you updates or you can go to your account to check...
      they have such big personalities for tinies..
      I find little dresses at Dollar stores on these little dolls...super cheap!
      here are mine Flutter and Horny{he was dyed with Rit dye.}
    5. I've been carrying my So Ye around in my purse pretty regularly--I have her in a soft pencil case, and it works well. I don't feel like she's excessively fragile--she's been dropped a couple of times, etc. But I'm also not rough with anything.....

      I like the color and quality of the resin. She came to me painted, and I'm quite happy with the face-up, as well. I actually think she poses pretty well, too--occasionally she'll 'kick' when I'm trying to pose her, but generally she's pretty good.....

      I also got her about a week after I ordered her....I was super-surprised about how quickly she arrived! :)

      I did buy one of the wigs from them, and I'm not sure if it's my unfamiliarity with fur wigs, or if it's the wig, but it doesn't turn me on. It pops off, and isn't as eternally cute as I was hoping.....

    6. I got my mother a special vampire Ji for Xmas. She is adorable and I plan on getting a vampire Ye for myself next year. It only took 24 hours after ordering for OD to ship her out and it only took a week to get her here.

      The faceup is beautiful!

      They sent the wrong outfit so I sent it back and they sent me the correct one. They also paid for the postage both ways!

      The fur wig does not fit well so I have ordered a couple of wigs for her little girl from bjdollarama.

      I recently discovered they accidentally put the wrong upper arm on her but since I got her a few months ago (which is why that elbow is a bit wonky) and I am giving her to my mother for Xmas next week so I really cannot send her back to get a replacement now. I also know my mother won't be playing with her that much so the arm won't be a problem. I may wire her before I give her to my mother, just to stabilize her better. My mother has only worked with my big guys before so something that tiny will be new and different for her.

      I ordered one of those new dresses last week and again, it was sent out in 24 hours.

      I also have one of their Tae dolls and love him, too. Here they are together.

    7. I have a So Ui and love it! I didn't like the fur wig either. I got an awesome wig from Tinybear(look at one of the post above) ;) She posses really nicely and is sooo cute!

      Now when I got her, it took me a few days to accept her super tiny self because of tiny shock! LOL I love her now just as much as my other dolls!

      I purchased her from Denverdoll emporium and recieved her in 3 days, but I've hear great thinks about the company ;)
    8. Go go go! Everybody needs an OD So-type!

      Durability - insanely wonderful! I've dropped Tally multiple times (by accident x.x), I take her to work every day, she goes everywhere I go with my purse... No problems! Not even a scratch!

      I didn't get a faceup because I like doing my own. ^_^ Animal hair is your friend in place of a paintbrush.

      I think it took 7 or 8 days from order for Tally to arrive and that was over a Korean holiday!
    9. Hi Janendra!

      I love the So size dolls! I have two So Ji Vampires, and two So Dong Vampires and love them all. They're a great size for travel (mine ride in my purse in hard eyeglass cases), they're easy to find clothes for (all of mine wear Kelly/Tommy clothes), and they're dollhouse furniture and "stuff" size.

      I got mine with faceups already done, because I can't put makeup on MYSELF half the time, much less on something that small. I love the quality of the faceups. I think the resin is lovely, comparable to my bigger dolls, and I haven't found any problems with them being overly fragile.

      The only warning I can offer you about these little guys is that you're not going to end up with just one. Oh no, the second an So moves in to your house, they call all their So friends and invite them to come live with you. I started with one... there are now FOUR of them in my house. Beware... :)

      I hope you get one. They really are great, and I can't recommend them enough.
    10. Thank you very much for your commentaries. * - * they have convinced me to buy it and only I expect to have the the same luck that you for the shipping. I die of love for these small. Kisses!
    11. A tiny thing to add - the hands are tied on and you might want to swap out the cord they used to tie them on to something thinner.

      When I first got her, I couldn't get her hands to move - I discovered it was her huge wrist knots. I used some size 20 crochet cotton I had handy.

      Yes - resin is good, sculpt is good, posing is great and you might add some extra hands to your order - they have pointy finger and fist which is really cute. Definately get their face-up - are trained to paint grains of rice it seems.
    12. oooh, good tip about the thinner thread. My one complaint about my Pippi has been the lack of posing to her wrists......I've got to try that!


    13. Ooooh I am so glad there's pics of tiny Orientdolls on here. I have been drooling over them for a little bit now. I can't wait to get my first. And now it will be good to know what sorts of clothes/shoes she can fit in. Thanks guys!
    14. How do I change hands without taking the whole boy apart? and how would I re-knot .. I know this is probably newbie basics 101 but I have no idea even what to type into a search. I would love his hands to be more flexible. I hated the wig that came with him it wont stay on but tinybear is on the case for me :lol:
    15. If you gently tug on the hands and feet, and look between the joints, you can see that there's a separate cord that attaches the hands/feet to the main elastic. Put something (wire? open paperclip?) to keep the elastic from slipping back into the body, and you should be able to untie the cord that holds the hand on. Replace with something thinner, make sure it's attached to the elastic, and remove the wire/open paperclip/whatever you use.

      I might be explaining this wrong--I'm used to restringing dolls.....

    16. I got brave enough to pull his hand down and can see exactly what you mean .. it looks very fiddly but I will work myself up to do it. Thank you for the advice
    17. Get a hemostat (medical locking clamp that looks kind of like a pair of scissors without the blades) and that will help tremendously. I get mine at the swap meet, but you can get them at craft stores (in the jewelry section) or the tools section of home stores. Depending on size, they should cost less than $5.

      Pull the hand out far enough to see the loop of elastic, and clamp about 1/2" from the end with the hemostat (or, put something sturdy through the loop to keep it from slipping, as was mentioned above). I normally tie the new string on before cutting the old string, but I'm a nervous Nelly that way.

      Using a hemostat makes it easier to remove the head for putting in the eyes as well...pull the head up, clamp the elastic under the neck, remove the hook from the elastic loops, and the head slides right off. No big ol knot to have to deal with and shove out of the way. To put back on, just thread the elastic ends through the head hole, put the hook back through the loops, and release the clamp.

      Here's my Ye, Ocean, with Glymmer, my Ji
    18. I love my So Ji - here she is:
    19. She is wearing an Ellery wig, I have a couple fur wigs for her as well.
    20. Oh my gosh, that's the cutest outfit ever, MAry-Lee. I'm thinking of getting an OD girl and that's precious. I'm so glad you're making things for them.