Questions you just can't find the answer to...

Oct 21, 2020

    1. I've try to find the answer to a question I've had for awhile, but keep coming up empty. I though this might be a good place to post those questions. Although if anyone knows where this question is answered on the site, please let me know.

      My doll came with a wig with a very defined lace front hairline, including sideburns. Just putting the wig on the doll leaves him with gapping along the hairline, with sideburns flapping. Does anyone know how to get the wig to stick down? I've tried googling it, but all I get is listings for lace front doll wigs, not the solution to the problem.
    2. I'm not an expert with lace hairline wigs, but I sometimes stick regular wigs in place with water-soluble white craft glue - it peels off cleanly when you want to remove the wig and residue can be soaked out of the wig itself before more glue is applied.

    3. Hot glue peels off pretty easily with no damage, or you might want to try a thin sliver of double sided tape.
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    4. I usually used some putty with mine, but you need to be carefully that it isn't the type that leaves a residue/sticks too much to the wig.
      Some double sided tape that you have glued a couple times to the back of your hand (to reduce stickyness) is a good idea as well!

      If you want it to be permanent you can use glue as well. I personally never did that, since it might always happen that you want to change eyes or need to take off a head for an outfit.
    5. I’ve used water soluble hair styling “glue” and then fasten a handkerchief around the doll’s head and after an hour the lace forms to the dolls head; eventually the lace will form into that shape!
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    6. This thread is crazy helpful, thanks to the replies and op for making it
    7. Water soluble glue indeed. Pretty much the same way as you would use skin adhesive to stick on a lacefront wig on a person.