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Quick question: 14-16cm boy with waist/torso joint?

Dec 3, 2008

    1. Some time soon I'll be ordering from doll-zone and will likely be getting a MiniBB Leo (14.5cm), And I was thinking of getting a boy about her size, but I haven't had much luck finding one that has has a waist/torso joint (I have a slight dislike for dolls without waist/torso joints :sweat )

      Does anyone one know where I can find a boy tiny about 14-16cm tall (with waist/torso joint) thats not anthro or elf?

      :goldstar Thankies :goldstar
    2. Thank you, I just recently saw those, I'm actually not to crazy about the head shape :sweat but I'll be sure to keep them in mind <3
      ~thank you so much for posting :D

      Still looking for more, If anyone knows of any :3 ?
    3. Tinybear's Bracken would work too... :) He is 14 cm tall.
    4. I google tinybear and tinybear dolls, but I can't seem to find the site. Do you have a link to the company site er something?
      :goldstar thank you.

      Any mores? :D
    5. :goldstar Thank yous for the link.
      He's very cute. (however I being really picky, I think I'll wait awile or just get a 20 >_<; )

      Thank you too those who posted. If anyone one knows of any more I'll still be checking out this thread. :gingerbreadman
    6. I wish there were more options available too... :)
    7. Jaimedoll has a 15 cm body with a torso joint: take a look. It has magnets on the inside of the torso, so it can wear the little wings that come with the body.
      The only down side is that the body has no gender. I don't know how important it is to you that your boy is "complete" down there.
    8. How about one of the Lati Yellow SP boys? They are 20 cm tall..
      They don't have a torso joint, but the bodies are adorable.
    9. there are very very few , especially that size ...
      my favorite was Pipos ...and they havent made him for a while

      Bracken- tinybear /Sleepingelf

      Hujoo ...but he isnt allowed on the board ...but he is a resin bjd boy but very anime

      PocketFairy ...but no waist joint
      Serendipity ..if you can find one ...but no waist joint

      0rientdoll Ji ..their tiny comes in male and female ..that has no waist joint and a choice of heads
      there larger sculpt has a waist joint and also available in male gender
      .and I think thats about it
    10. :goldstar :goldstar Thank you SO much to those who posted these are really helpful <3 :goldstar :goldstar

      Thank you very much, I sorta like Eric, I just wish he was smiling more lol.

      I really like the body, the way it's scaled seems alot like the miniBBs, the heads are kinda girly but I like tiffany's smile.
      Thank you very much for the link <3

      They're cute, I really like their heads, and will probably look into getting a head on another body.
      Thankie so much.

      This is great :D , thank you for typing this up.
      much appreciated.

    11. Jaimedoll matches with Lati. There are many Jaimedoll/Lati Yellow hybrids, so you could also take a look at the Lati Yellow heads, if you don't like the Jaimedoll heads.
    12. I forgot !
      my little Rory ...I wanted a Lati little boy ..and of course they dont do one ...so I put my Lati Byrul elf head on the Bobobie boys body ...I also added the Lati hands too

      and he is perfect ...my perfect little boy .:D[​IMG]

      Lati and Jaime doll heads would fit the Bobobie body ...and the resin is a very good match

      I was that pleased I did a Coco girl ..and my Lea heads ..as they are little girls are all on Jaime doll bodies
      my way around the Lati solid torso
    13. Tinybear, that is such a good idea! Especially if we prefer our boys to have bits. ;)
    14. @Muisje
      OOOOH :D thank you, I was just thinking that >3

      ~I think the reason I'm being so picky is not so much I want a 'complete' boy, I don't really care too much about what's under the pants since He'll wear pants lol.
      I'm just beging picky bout the faces :sweat the boy I looking to create has a "I'm better then you'' personality. So I really wanted a boy with a face that didn't say "I so cute," or "I so sad and need a mommy." :sweat I'm likely doing the face-up myself, I'm just looking for a good mold *_*
      I'm almost positive I'm going to lean toward the jaime/bobobie body the most because I like the head to body ratio better then tinybear and it has a waist joint which I love. I'm just head picky :sweat although I am liking the lati heads >3

      Aww, he's so cute, and that is a good idea, bobobie bodies are really cute to. Thankies for sharing.