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Quick question : do MNF clothes fit SDC girls?

May 28, 2007

    1. Just as it says. Do MNF clothes (and shoes) fit SDC girls? I saw KD clothes seem to fit but what if I want close-to-the-skin outfits? Also do you know if clothes for the more mature DOC body would fit too?
    2. I wouldn't count on it. Unless you want them to be very tight. SDC are pretty much MSDs with boobs and a smaller waist. Then again, I could be horribly wrong :XD:
    3. Now here is a good question... will the Mini Fer's fit SDC girls? If not, where does the "size" problem come up? I am trying to think of a way to modify a Fer to fit the body.
    4. I'd expect the clothes would, actually. The SDC are much, much skinnier than your average child bodied MSD. They may not be able to fill out certain tops, but the rest should be a good fit. I think this would be your same problem with the Fers.

      Shoes won't fit though. SDC have the same sized feet as MSD.

      When in doubt over a specific outfit, compare measurements. :daisy
    5. Mini Fers designed for Unoas and MNFs can most definitely fit onto SDC girls. I own 3 fers and tried them on both my SDC girls without a problem.