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Quick shot of new Delf boy

Dec 2, 2004

    1. I took a picture of new Delf boy at Doll Talk(is one of doll event in Korea).
      He might seem to be El or Lishe, but he is from new mold.
      Please just see and don't ask about his details. (I don't know.. :cry: )

    2. Well isn't he gorgeous. o.o

      Must have him and call him Marius. *dies*
    3. I can see his resemblance to El or Lishe, he looks like their sibling. He is so lovely! I hope they will sell him. :D

      Thank you very much for posting this!
    4. *stares at him for a while*
    5. He's very handsome! I could see him as a younger brother to El and Lishe.

      Thank you very much for posting this picture.
    6. :o Ooo I hope they sell him too, I'd have to get him instead of El.
    7. XDDDDDDD What is WRONG with BJD companies today!?! Why must they keep tempting me...?! *crawls into bed-covers hole*
    8. *stares intently*

      I think I am going to learn Korean...
    9. ...



      I think I'm going to have to seriously reconsider whether or not I want an El, or this guy. *_*
    10. It's El and Lishe's love child! XD He's very pretty, thanks for sharing!
    11. XD No, it's Chiwoo and El's love child... *grin*
    12. ......


      OMFG... want him ELF!!
    13. Thanks Sienna, I'm very glad you gave us this picture to drool over, after I asked if you knew something about him :grin:

      He is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! :D

    14. :::gapes in awe:::

      First the dreaming Shiwoo head, and now *this* gorgeous creature?!

      When, O *when* will the torment end?!!


    15. Here I was thinking El was it, no questions, final decision, for my doll I've had in mind for ages (he's gone from a Chiwoo to an El to a this and a that...finally decided on El a while back.) But this guy is stunning...coming from CP, that's no surprise. Perhaps I'll look into him, just to have something a little bit different from all the Els out there (and I don't mean that in a negative way ^^ Besides, if they release this guy, I'm sure he'll be highly popular.)

    16. :cry: why am I seeing this now??? I just bought a new doll.......should I have waited? I don't know.....there was no way I could have known :(
    17. ..ohhhh bloody hell... It never stops does it?
      He must be the most gorgeous boy EVER.. and I have NO money *sniffle*
    18. OMFG *O*

      >_< *looks at wallet* empty ;___;

      i hope he is not a limited +_+
    19. He sure looks like El, but his eyes seem more more open and he doesn't smile is much.. He's got a lot of potential.. *thinks* When will we be able to buy him? :3
    20. XD OMG YES! So true. The lips! And the slightly wider eyes... totally Chiwoo x El. lmao!! So this is the 'new doll' that Luts have been working on. nnnng. Too. many. pretty. boys. *dies*