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Quoting MULTIPLE POSTS (space saver! please read!)

Jan 14, 2010

    1. Everyone - just thought I'd share a nifty DOA feature that you might not be aware of.

      Say you're in the firefly faerie thread and want to reply to more than 1 post. You can do this WITHOUT having to submit a new reply to each one. Here's how.

      Next to the QUOTE button, there's a button with a big set of quotes on it " with a plus underneath it. Click that button and you'll see it change color. Go down to the next post you want to quote and click that again. Repeat until the last post you wish to quote, then click the usual quote button.

      This will put all the posts into one, and you can address each as you wish, saving you the trouble of having to make multiple, separate replies to each post you might wish to quote, saving the forum some room, and making it easier to read for everyone.

      There's your tip for the day! :fangirl: :hamster:
    2. Thanks for this, sher ;)
    3. I didn't know that, thanks for the info!
    4. Thanks for posting this Sher!!!! :)
    5. Oh, that's very helpful to know! Thank you!
    6. oh thank you, I didn't know this.....should have by now...
    7. I saw multiple quotes in a reply the other day and wondered how it had been done. Thanks!
    8. So have I! :lol:

      Thank you!

      Me too!
    9. A little extra tip; you can also click the normal 'post reply' button after picking out the multiple posts you want to quote : )
    10. yep! thanks guys!
    11. Thank you! Another DoA member just helped me to figure this out. Very helpful.
    12. Just bumping this up because it's so useful. :)

    13. This is a GREAT and useful tool! Just a little :bump