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R-ASIAM from D.I.M Doll(updated)

Oct 14, 2005

    1. Delivery : End of November.

      hi ~~Just edited for New photos of R-ASIAM below.
      But in fact, the actual wig will be Brown colored wig(Short)
      Pre-orders are now being taken internationally from D.I.M Partners & dimdoll.com


    2. He is beautiful! :O
    3. So will he only be availble as a whole doll? Is it known if his head be sold separately?
    4. Is he SD-sized? oO;

      What a beautiful face he has. :)
    5. R-Asiam details:

      60cm (SD-sized)
      Wig (Brown; similar to images)
      Eyes (16mm Glass eyes: Cobalt Blue)

      I do not know if R-Asiam's head will be available separately, but I can find out for you.
    6. hey shop4dolls, why don't you make your own thread and advertise there instead of in everyone else's threads?
    7. Sorry if I'm a little confused, but what do you mean by the delivery being a late November? Is he general or limited edition?
    8. I mean...The shipping would be around end of November :grin:
      R-ASIAM is general one...but Lemited edition(20LE) will be released in November.
      Have a Good weekend~
    9. ¿dambi is limited edition or general ?
    10. Danbi is a general/open edition. His body (matching resin) is also available, and will be available.
    11. what's the difference between R-ASIAM and the Limited edition(20LE)?..is it just the outfit or is it a different headmold and body?...
      this boy is gorgeous!! me likes :p

    12. Hi~ Special clothes with Shoes included in Special LE-20 and the skin is white skin.
      Good day~~

    13. I love him! I now know who my next doll is going to be. =]

    14. WOW, such a handsome doll :D Must resist the urge....must ........resist.................