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Rabbit Hutch! Have a carrot and tell me about your bunny anthros~

Jul 16, 2010

    1. I wonder if it was fated for me to start this thread? ;) I did a search, but I could only find individual threads for specific molds. And yes, I did copy the cat lady thread. :sweat

      But I want to know how many different rabbit dolls are out there. I know there is Pipos, and Coco Tribe's bunnies. But there has to be more, right? And if it's not too much work, can I see some spam? :aheartbea
    2. I would love to see more picutes of Coco Tribe Ruby. I love her.... I think shes next for me to buy.

      I really want close ups of her feet.... what are they like? can they wear shoes?
    3. I'll get some pictures of her feet for you tomorrow. :)

      This is my girl, Princess Tang (Coco Tribe Ruby):


      I just love her <3
    4. Aww.. Princess Tang is adorable! May I ask what her resin color is? On my moniter, she looks lavender-ish. How well do her ears move?

      Speaking of Coco Tribe dolls, what about Jerry? His face is so grumpy, I just love him.

      Does anyone have Doll-Zone's Kane? Thoughts on Kane, anyone?
    5. Angelberries, I need to upload the feet pictures for you. They are on my other computer, so I'll post them here later. :)

      MoonRabbit, she is a lovely lavender shade (coco tribe violet resin). The ears move very well I think, I also took some pictures with the ears styled differently, which I can share this evening if you are interested. :) Jerry is definitely a rather serious (maybe pompous looking) bunny. I would love to see some owner pics of him!

      Great thread idea btw!

      I've also never seen DZ Kane. *goes to check him out*

      wilkies I have shipping update for your Ricci (check your PM box in a bit). Hope you will share some pics of her here once she is at home with you!
    6. This is my DZ Coney girl. I painted her faceup and added eyelashes and gave her some body blushing.

      Her ears are poseable, but wired through her torso which makes it really hard to get her head off. Anyway, I love her and her name is Dill.

      Not sure DZ sells Coney or Kane any more, I found her on the second hand market via eBay and she came blank.

      DZ Coney has straight ears - Flickr pics http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=dollzone+coney&m=text
      DZ Kane has a bent ear - Flickr pics http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=all&q=dollzone+kane&m=text


      There is also a bunny/hare BJD called Estella who is a sort of Blythe Bunny, big eyes/head and little body. She's made by http://www.flickr.com/photos/12076019@N05/sets/72157623879920859/

      And she also made a bunny/kangaroo hybrid anthro
    7. May I introduce Clover, one of the "old" Pipos Curos. I actually got her Monday, but I didn't want to show her off without any clothes. I'm a sewing beginner, and my mother's awesome skills are very rusty since she hasn't been able to sew for about a year now. But she is getting back into sewing and made this dress, while I sewed the beads on.


      Pardon the poor lighting. And another photo of the back of the dress. I need to make her some pantaloons to go with this. P.S. I swear I once had a mod tell me that 2 pictures are okay in the same post.

      What what? Clover's cute little butt!
      I know, it needs a bit of work, but not bad for a beginner, right? And I have to admit I love the "old" Pipos bunny tails just a smidge more than the new swirly tails. I love this bunny so much. Now, do I save up for a little sister (Rooney? Ruby?) or a male admirerer (Jerry, Dali)?
    8. Is there anyone here with both Pipos and Coco Tribe dolls? I'd love to know if there are any differences in resin feel or weight. I'd also love to see optional teeth/tongue for a rabbit like Coco Tribes Cesear. Or even different faceplates like FL/Unoa. Imagine a yawning face (cute or scary yawn!) and more sleeping faces.
    9. Hello Dill & Clover. : X Everyone's bunnies are so cute! I think they would get on well in a little party together. ^_~
      I'm so jealous of people who can make little dresses. You make it look easy!

      MoonRabbit & Angelberries! here is a link to my flickr set for Princess Tang. Pictures of different ear poses & little feet within. Hope they are helpful!


      And I thought this uber regal pose was pretty fun!


      MoonRabbit, Ricci comes with tongue & teeth like Cesar actually. <3
    10. I have an old Dali, he is part of my growing "Alice " themed dolls


      The quality of resin and finish is so good on these dolls the joints are stable and well fitted. I have a BBB dog and its just not in the same league!

      The little mouse in the teapot is a sylvanian! Also I have made all the clothes for him but forgot to take the pin out holding his collar on...
    11. [​IMG]
      Here's my girl Teatime (her full name is so much longer) ^_^ Yes, one of her left eye (the green one) is messed up, as I had no clue what I was really doing when I changed her eyes the first time, but unfortunately, I have no eye putty so I can't fix it. (yikes!)
      And here she is again!
    12. Moonrabbit I can't do a comparison as I don't have a curo and I don't know any dolly people so I have no idea if they are the same or not.

      Dali is quite chunky and the tail looks similar on the pics...I wonder if the just the head is different.

      I would love the new crazy rabbit "alice in nightmare" from pipos though he will make a great mad march hare
    13. I may have missed something so obvious here, but... why are the price differences so drastic between Pipos Curo and Coco Tribe's Ruby/Jerry? I looked around and aren't they just the same height? 21 cm, ears not included? So why is Curo so much more expensive...? :( Shame because I really like Curo better.
    14. I think it is the company. All of Pipos stuff tend to be on the more expensive side. It might be because of the quality perhaps? I know my two Pipos dolls (Heero and Charlotte) have nice strong quality resin. That's probably why I paid an arm and a leg for the two of them xD
    15. Yes, unfortunately, my Ricci is very loosely strung, and does not really pose or stand well.
    16. ^^ Well, she does stand, it just takes a while. I think that if you bought her some shoes and restrung her, she's be good.
    17. I will need to restring my Clover down the road as well. I can't compare Pipos and Coco Tribe yet, but she does have some posing issues as well. I know part of it is the sculpt. I think the rabbit heads are the most "bobbleheaded" of ABJDs, unless you count some of the off-topic anthros like the elephant. And the old Pipos rabbit body is almost like a tubby jelly bean, so she can be hard to balance at times. But I say that with love!

      Demented Pea, Maybe it is just a different head mold. Did you make the outfit yourself? I love the little clock.

      And xXBunniXx, try the clear silicone earplugs for swimmers. Not the firm pellet type, but something like these. You can cut an indivdual plug into two sections (or more, depending on the doll) and use it as eye putty. I learned about here at DOA, and that's what I do now. It works great. Just get the clear kind, since they also have a bright orange ear plug, and I'd worry about staining. And showing!
    18. Moonrabbit yes I made his outfit. The clock was on a bracelet from a company called "Claires" and I modded it to make a watch chain for his frock coat.
    19. [​IMG]
      LaurieKimono by Miraclebabymouse, on Flickr

      I have her in Database, but I thought I'd also put here as I love the bunnies too and can't help but bump this thread :) Go Bunnies!