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ReRelease [RACCOON DOLL] Delicate hues_Sia & Laetitia

May 9, 2016

    1. [​IMG]


      Delicate hues_Sia & Laetitia
      Pre-Ordering Period: May 8th, 2016 - May 31st, 2016 (Korean time)
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    2. Are these dolls double-jointed? Do you have photos of poses? What is the possibility? Is the resin UV treated? Will you create SD sizes later? The faces on all your dolls are exquisite, are the sold with or without a face-up? Are there raccoons in Japan? Where did you come up with the name: Racoon?
      Lynn Kat
    3. - Yes, it is double jointed.
      - You can check it on my site, Gallery section. It is named "various poses".
      - Yes, it is UV treated but it can still turn yellow as time passes.
      - Yes, I will make SD size too but it will take some time. I think it will be around next year.
      - They are sold with or without face up. You can choose it when you order the doll.
      - No, I don't have any offline shop yet.
      - Actually it was my nickname when I was young. I named it Raccoondoll as a doll made by raccoon(me). :)
    4. Are these dolls only available through the pre-order period? Or is there a set number and then they are sold out so they potentially could be gone before the preorder period is done?

      Your dolls are exquisite. I just discovered them last night and I want them all! Absolutely beautiful!
    5. Is the only difference between Monochrome and the Delicate Hues the faceup?
    6. Some of them are limited and some are not. Limited dolls are offered in pre-ordered period. You can check more details on my site.
    7. Yes, it is same doll with different face up. :)