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Raccoon Doll Discussion

Sep 20, 2018

    1. Hi, I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to discussing Raccoondoll’s SD size head project so started this thread as a place to talk about these lovely sculpts :). Raccoondoll has released 3 limited head sculpts so far... “A”, Gene and Hugh. Gene and Hugh are currently on offer until September 30th. I’m not sure what body the boys would use but Raccoondoll recommended Iplehouse SIDw or EIDw for Gene.
      HEAD PROJECT - SD head

    2. Yes, i like gene head, she even have a sleeping head but limited =)))
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    3. Gene is a favorite of mine too :). I wish the limited sleeping head was available in the larger SD size... it was very well done.
    4. I see, raccon doll just tag limited in gene normal head, sleeping head not limited
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    5. Did anyone else order any of these heads? I just got a shipping notice for Gene
    6. Congrats on shipping notice :). I actually got my SD Gene head today... yay! She is blank but I plan on uploading photos sometime in the next day or so with different size eyes.
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    7. Here are some quick photos of Gene. I will try her out on an iplehouse SIDw body later this week and post photos as well as comparison photos with the original fashion size Gene.
      Gene is in NS resin wearing a monique gold wig 6/7 - ita snug fit but I prefer it that way. Her eyes are Glib glass oval eyes size 10mm.

      #7 PennyDes, Nov 27, 2018
      Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
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    8. And a quick collage of more views for everyone and @GreenTeaSlug
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    9. Congratulations @PennyDes :whee:

      Shes very beautiful! I noticed that you also have a Mari, what do you think of them together?

      I really love how detailed the sculpt looks, and really really love the nose shape :love thank you for mentioning the eyes..... its very difficult to gauge good eye sizes for the realistic dolls, I must look up glib later.

      Cant wait to see your photos in the weekend

      I hope that the next SD head series we see Mika or Momo. I wanted to get white skin but I was told it wasnt a match for Iplehouse white, that RD is more true white so I got a normal like you :)
    10. Thank you :). Has yours arrived yet? I’m beginning to think not many people bought the SD sized heads.
      Glib is great... unfortunately the realistic glass oval eyes are not very easy to find. I get mine off of Fleurdelys online shop. Here is a link as it’s hard to find without having the exact name http://fleurdelysdoll.com/en/8711-o...-jointed-doll-lati-yellow-iplehouse-doll.html
      Mari and Gene have some similarities. Mari has a cheerful look to her while Gene looks a bit more somber. I will post a comparison photo sometime :thumbup.
      So here is Gene on an Iplehouse SIDw original body. The PG body with the white dress is not modified and the NS body is the one I modified for Souldoll Briseas. The original SID neck looks a bit thick for her jawline. The modified SID neck has a better thickness but needs to be built up with a cotton ball to be the right height. I think she may look more at home on a nYID or New SIDw since her face is small. Also, those bodies have a slightly thinner neck than SID original. I wonder how she would look on a Supia Doll or April Sory body?

      Also in the collage is a head lineup to compare sizes. Iplehouse EID Asa is on the left, Souldoll Zenith Swinte is in the middle and SD Raccoon Doll Gene on the right. Please forgive the lousy quality of the photos... I took them quick and in poor lighting.
      I would definitely love to see Mika as a an SD head :thumbup. Latisha would be high on my list too.
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    11. [​IMG]

      Im very surprised she isnt more popular, I think its only me and you who got her on the boards :? I hope not, I want this to be popular so we get more heads lol

      I got this body originally to use for SoulDoll Agnes but she hasnt arrived yet so Gene is using it
      I think Ill have a hard time giving it to Agnes once she arrives, because I love how Gene looks on it XD
      Its the new SID model body in normal skin tone, no modification needed, she fits exactly on it, just like you said she would :kitty1

      Im surprised that Mari is cheerful in comparison :lol: I always thought Mari had that "dont look at me" kind of face, like an elite popular celebrity

      I would love to see them together whenever it is good for you, for curiosity because im debating to stay with gene or get either Mari or Aria. This is all for the very distant future though, Ive gone way over budget and this does not need to repeat itself in the near future :doh:vein plus I feel Ive already asked too much of you already, and you were always kind enough to help @PennyDes

      I just looked up Laetitia (I had to rewrite that name 4 times, western names are sometimes difficult siobhan / sean its written and pronounced different to me lol)

      monochrome version of her is very daring and beautiful, I would be happy for them if they made her SD size also!
      #11 GreenTeaSlug, Dec 3, 2018
      Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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    12. @GreenTeaSlug Oh wow she looks phenomenal on the new SID body and all done up too! Thanks for sharing the photo. It's making me second guess not getting the new SID body now. It may end up on my wishlist after all :D.
      It does seem we are alone here on this thread doesn't it :aeyepop:. I hope it not a reflection on the sale of the SD sized heads and more people actually bought them :eusa_pray.

      I can definitely see the hauty facial expression you mention on many Mari heads. Mine was painted with a more cheerful mouth :). My Mari is FID size so I took a photo of her next to my original small Gene. Since it can be helpful in comparing the large size versions it shouldn't be considered off topic :thumbup. They look identical to their larger counterparts. Please forgive the poor quality of the photo and I hope it will be helpful for you. I enjoy helping if and when I can so please don't hesitate to ask :).
      I hope you can decide between Gene, Mari and Ari. It sounds like a tough decision especially with how stunning your gene is.
      Going over budget is never fun... unfortunately the wide selection of great sculpts it can happen all too easy :XD:.
      I look forward to more Gene photo spam :).

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    13. [​IMG]
      Quick photo to compare the SD size head with the original fashion size Gene :)
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    14. I saw the release of the new Daisy and came looking for a discussion thread! I passed on Gene because I have two in the smaller size but Daisy is calling to me!
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    15. Daisy looks awsome! I'm so happy to see RD is continuing the SD head series. If you do get her will you be getting a faceup or doing one yourself?
    16. Daisy - SD head
      SD Daisy has such a "classic beauty" look about her. All I can think of is the Botticelli painting "the birth of venus". She doesn't look like her but does share the same vibe.
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    17. I will get the faceup! I don't get enough time to work on faceups! I would be interrupted too often.
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    18. I wish I had gotten SD Gene with a faceup... I never end up getting around to painting and the blank heads are starting to pile up :lol:.
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    19. I've been sending blank heads out for faceups but with the cost of the faceup and shipping, the Raccoon faceup is a bargan!
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    20. Oops, I somehow missed your last post :aeyepop::doh. I agreee, Raccoon faceups are definitely a bargain and so well done too :)
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