New Doll raccoondoll- Head project -"A"release

Mar 18, 2018


      Pre-Ordering Period: Mar. 18 - Apr. 18, 2018 (Korean time)

      Compatible size: 65cm size body

      The first head of our company's Head project is released.

      Head A has oriental beauty.

      Customers can choose two types of neck holes so its compatibility with various companies' body is great.

      Our company's Head project will develop more various heads and try to give greater happiness to more customers from now on.

      Please look forward to us, pay a lot of attention and give love to our company.

      A head fits well with eyeball from 12mm to 14mm and 8~9 inch wig.

      There is a wide neck hole and narrow neck hole according to the neck circumference.

      If the neck size of your doll is 11~12cm, choose wide neck hole, and if it's 9.5~10.5cm, choose narrow neck hole.
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