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New Doll Rainman doll [Eva]

May 31, 2019

    1. Hi Friends~
      Finally I got completed Photos.
      I want share with you~~~

      small size (2).JPG small size (3).JPG small size (4).JPG
      DCS_5551-1.jpg DCS_5599-1.jpg DCS_5614-1.jpg DCS_5537-1.jpg
      You can check for head you have~Thank you~

      body size.jpg
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    2. Awesome! This head - or the complete doll - is for sale?
    3. how much it will cost please? so I can save money ;)

      and really the neck is 13,5cm??? it is very big. ussually it is 9,5-10cm
      #3 mmilena, May 31, 2019
      Last edited: May 31, 2019
    4. The shoulder width is indicated to be 13.5 - the neck appears to be measured 11cm. Still on the larger side but not quite as large as I (also) initially thought :D
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    5. @mmilena and @Ashemanu on his instagram he says she will cost around $1000 for the fullset LE10 Eva on June 10 2019, but that there will be the basic versions sold separately without the clothes and wig and paint that is cheaper I am guessing
    6. this body can fit to older heads like Euna? :)
    7. Yes ~^^

      I am not sure... you check by neck size~~

      bcuz she is tall~ almost company neck size is small~it is not match with my doll style... sorry~~~
      #7 rainman, Jun 1, 2019
      Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2019
    8. and she will be available in white skin also?
      and small bust?

      I do not see options on your website.
    9. Yes~ lagre and small bust ~ you cab choice~ but there is not white skin yet. But i have plane for it in future~
    10. main copy.jpg

      Hi everyone~ Finally i will open at 10th Jun(from korean time)
      Thank you always~~
      From Rainman~
      Down Photo girls will be released on July~


      link is here~
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    11. Hello! Can’t find an answer for my question on the board, sorry (
      What zone is Russia for shipping Eva head plus body ( non- limited) and $185-200+ is anyway normal for shipping a SD doll?
    12. i think, Russia is zone 4, and it is about $62.
    13. Dear E-Lnx, if only!
      Dear Rainman! Thank you for an answer! Oh my! We have $219 for shipping now, oh my.
      Desperately sorry for offtop!
      #14 zababee, Jun 12, 2019
      Last edited: Jun 13, 2019