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Rainy Doll Soah and Ryung by Rainman

Jun 8, 2005

    1. Orders being taken next week!

      Thanks for looking!

      Tiny Elf Dolls on order -- will be back in stock soon!
    2. How much would they cost?
    3. Anyone here read Korean? The english elfdoll site keeps giving me errors. :(

      Thanks to Babelfish I know the LE comes sanded and with the beautiful dress and wig she's pictures in, but is there an extra sleeping head like there was with Ryung?
    4. Her body! It's more petite than Ryung! Oh, happy days!

      :: drools and claws at the air :: *_* Soooooaaaaaaaaahhh... :: zombie moan ::
    5. Thank goodness! :)
    6. Here's the details:

      Soah (Full Set) includes faceup, eyes, wig, outfit and small bust $690
      Ryung (Full Set) includes faceup, eyes, wig, outfit, large bust, and name necklace $690

      (Please note: There is no choice of breastplate at this time for Full Set dolls.)

      Soah (Standard) Head, eyes, and body; choice of breastplate (large or small bust) $450
      Ryung (Standard) Head, eyes, and body; choice of breastplate (large or small bust)$450

      (Please note: There is no faceup or wig with Standard dolls. Faceups not available at this time.)

    7. I'm thrilled that there will be a regular edition of Soah, as it will probably be some time before I can actually afford to buy her :oops:
    8. It says on the Elfdoll.com site that standard Soah will come with a 'bathing suit;' is it the same for the Shop4dolls preorder?
    9. It sure is!

      I will be offering the same dolls they have!

      Do let me know if you have questions!

      Add'l information:

      Large bust dolls have 3-piece bodies
      Small bust dolls have 2-piece bodies
    10. Do we have a picture of the nude body with the smaller breast?

      I can't find it.

    11. http://elfdoll.com/good_image/full02_copy3.jpg ^.^ Her ribs, I think I shall sand them a bit... looks too skinny in that area for me. I likes em soft and a bit squishy :3
    12. Her fingers are super long? they look like they could break easily!

      thanks for the body link
    13. Don't know when.... [EDIT: Foiled eBay scammer allegedly selling Jun T.]

      So, maybe Soah sooner rather than later! :)
    14. Until when can we order the ordinary Ryung? I can't order her now but hoping by mid summer ...
    15. She's unlimited.
      You can wait until you actually can pay for her. yay.

      And she is _just_ gorgeous..:D

      Ann in CT
    16. How long do you speculate the waiting time on one is? ^^
    17. I did a pre-order, so I really have no idea what time frame we're looking at. Sorry.

      Ann in CT
    18. Well.. I would like to order one.. since I didn't win in the unoa preorder, does anyone have any idea on the shipping time? ^^
    19. I believe Davona said if your order goes in with the first batch, it's 15 ~ 20 days.