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Rainy Doll SOAH by Rainman

May 11, 2005

    1. Here's her first official picture in color from Rainman.

      Even though you can't see her clearly, her beauty shows through.

      Soah is truly a beautiful doll.

      All details coming SOON!

      THANKS for your interest!

    2. You're such a tease! :grin: I can't wait!

    3. oh, how cruel...
    4. It will be opened to the public immediately.
      Please Wait a little.
    5. *tries to not being hysteric*
      YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! I've waited for her since the first time we heard of her, can't wait to see the other pictures!
      Thank you, Rainman & Davona!
    6. Oh, now that's just mean!! We want to see her pretty face!!
    7. *falls all over self* I just woke up not but a moment ago... and I came right back here to gawk some more. I can barely see her, but she has me intrigued. @___@

      Must be patient... must be patient...!

    8. Geeze... perhaps a new camera is in order????
      Tee hee hee... .... what a tease.
    9. Just can't wait toooooooooo !!!
    10. Veeeeeeeeeery interested.... ^^
    11. I see a hint of gorgeousness...can't wait to see her!
    12. That's just evil. ;oP

      She looks pretty from what we can see of her.

      Loki's Mom
    13. moves far back as possible to see her clearly...
      doesn't work...
    14. Rrrr!
      *Wants to see*
    15. I learned this trick watching cop shows (pixilating the faces o' the innocent).

      Squint your eyes and shake your head a bit from side to side. Your brain worksd to fill in the "blank spots" and you see through the blur rather well.

      *I get bored sometimes*
    16. she reminds me of a1/6th momoko in all that blur.
    17. I thinks me seen another picture of this beauty in a post called Rainamn is ok?

    18. Actually -- the doll in that post is # 3 -- that is the first sneak peek of her... (more exciting dolls coming in the future from Rainman)!
    19. Hmmm... still interested, but now also leaning in favor of "faceup-less option", if there is a paint issue...
    20. Paint issue? :?

      I wouldn't mind a face-up-less option. I am having trouble bonding to my Present Ren and I think it is because I didn''t do his face-up. And I don't want to re-do it because an artist did it and I feel like I'd be washing off someone else's artwork (which I would be)...

      I would feel safer being able to have that option, even though the face-ups I've seen on Ryung were stunningly beautiful. (I really liked the "dramatic" face-up.)

      When are we gonna get the non-blur version of that picture? :chibi