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RamCube 65cm boys Discussion

Dec 27, 2012

    1. RamCube has their new 65cm boys Hush and Craden for pre-order!!! There's also a newer version of the boys called "Thinner shower". Both boys look amazing!!

      Here's the link -


      I think this company is a newer or extended part of Rapa's Factory, but I'm not 100% sure.
    2. I REALLY want the ramcbedoll lLeopard Kyle but since they dont take layaway per their website that may not happen. Sadly.
    3. Yep they used to be Rapa's Factory! :3
      Kyle looks brilliant! I have Ramcube Hush the Liger at home he is wonderful and poses like a champ, the Ram65 body is amazing!
    4. OMG you have Hush????? Please please post some pics of him!! I love the Ram65 body, these boys are such natural slouchers!! I've been eyeing Craden for quite some time now, he'll be perfect for this character I have in mind. Hopefully will be able to bring him home one day as my first SD boy :D
    5. Hush (whom I've named Hotaru) is my first SD and I'm so glad I chose him!
      Here is a photo, it's not the best photo in the world but its the only non-blurry one I could find... (^_^')

      Hotaru by KuroPixelChick, on Flickr
    6. Kuropixelchick-- Love your Hush!

      I've been considering Kyle, but wow, the lack of layaway makes that tough!

      I keep picking out options and putting him in the cart to see... which is a bad sign for my wallet. But wow, he is pricey! *_*
    7. Crap. They will take a short layaway... I'm going to order Kyle... (like I need another doll! but, agh!, can't help it!).
    8. They do take short layaways? I'll have to keep that in mind.
    9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ..... did anyone say short layaway????? Then I'm totally going for Craden!!! :aheartbea *as soon as my money tree is all grown up*
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    10. It's great to know they start to accept layaway. <3
      I'm considering their body, so nicely sculpted. And what I really love about Ram is their customer service. Their English isn't good but they gladly help with their best when I got problem before.

      Could you please review its body posability/stability? What things it could do? I have Ram16 which poses pretty amazing. :)
    11. You have to Q&A them to get permission for a layaway.

      I was ordering a Kyle and they said they would take "splits" in payment but only up until the end of the selling period.

      I'm not sure they will do that for dolls that don't have a set selling period.

      But really--they'd sell a LOT more dolls if they did layaway!!!! I really wish they would do it for a couple of months. Their dolls are not cheap! --the big ones, anyway. *_*
    12. I'll do a review for the body over the next week or so when I have time. :3
      Also, did you guys see the new zombie boy they put out today? (*_*)
    13. I'm waiting for the review~ :fangirl:

      And.. that's R from Warm Bodies? Oh woww O_O I want to change the hair, everything else is almost perfect XD
    14. Heh... went to check the zombie boy and their site was down from all the traffic!

      I'll check back later. Of course, I can't possibly get another doll, since I still have to come up with the half-payment for Kyle...! *_*

      KuroPixelChick-- can't wait to see your review.
    15. They said that the body got locks on it?? on the joints is that true?? :O
    16. Zombie guy looked cool... but my money is gone into Kyle.

      I don't know about locks on the bodies. But I guess I'll find out whenever Kyle arrives! ... I ordered my Kyle with faceup, but not the tattoo, although those were only $30... not too bad. I actually DO want to make similar jaguar markings on him, but I just wanted them to be slightly different in style... I was going back and forth about whether to order him default or not! Now I'm definitely stuck doing the spots on my own. I just hope I can do them decently...!

      Oh, I started a Waiting Room for all Ramcube dolls. Not that there are many of use waiting! But I thought I might as well make a room. Hopefully there will be more people ordering dolls and waiting in the future.
    17. I'm really looking forward for your kyle to arrive <3 i want to know if the body can carry a msd size doll like granado's body with one hand or even both hand
    18. Well, it can hold brains! ;)

      Box opening!

      Just got him, so haven't had much time to play with him yet. The elbow locks are fussy, but I'll get used to them.
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    19. aernath--Love your guy so much! And that worn hoody is just so fantastic!


      There have been a couple of new guys for sale since... but no new has joined the Waiting Room. The one just put on sale is pretty nice! I hope someone gets him and posts about it on DoA. I'd like to see the previous guy with the quirky smile, too, in owner-photos.

      My Kyle has arrived, too. I'm still mucking about with blushing ears and getting him more together for photos...

      I haven't been able to play about with him much, either. But yes, there are locking joints at knees, leg/body joint, and elbows. He could stand right out of the box. The joints held well in a straight upright position... the ankle joints felts a bit soft because of that, but I think some glue sueding might help--and he still stood just fine. Boots should help with that, too. Body joint at the hip wants to pop a little, but doesn't pop entirely, so that's ok.

      He's sculpted in an amusing slouchy style, which is different, and kind of cool. Here's a photo from the box opening (not posted in a thread yet).
      [​IMG]13-05-kyle_0681 by aprilllee, on Flickr

      Oh, here's a shot of the leg/body joint... It's interesting-- doesn't show the actual ball-joint, which is a joint that often looks a bit odd to me--on other dolls. It seems to work well--although I'm gonna have to check it out more to see how they managed to do that!
      [​IMG]13-05-kyle-0600-70bd-4236 by aprilllee, on Flickr


      Posted a BOX OPENING thread--
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    20. A little more zombie spam:
      Getting his arm to hold up like that is a pain. To me, anyway. The forearm kept slipping off and popping back over the elbow bit.

      RaM Cube - Benizarka, R by aernath, on Flickr

      I still loves him though! :)