Limited Items ::RaMcube:: Black Label Gaz will be released.

Jan 6, 2016

    1. Hello!
      We are RaMcube.
      Black Label Gaz will be released in RaMcube.​
      Please check the detail on the following page link. ​


      Order period : January 08. 2016 (Fri) ~ January 22. 2016 (Fri) (21:00 KST) - 2weeks

      We hope to this new year also your many interests and love to RaMcube,​
      and please a lot of attention and love to the New Year first type "Gaz".​
      Happy new year!​
      We hope sincerely that become fun-filled New Year.​
      Thank you for your interests :)


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    2. He's lovely !
      Is the "skin texture" included in the default faceup ?
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    3. can i ask what resin colour he is in the promo pictures?
    4. @shiro1kyo : *Sample moddel skin color is Beige Brown skin. *
    5. Ah now I feel silly :doh@Rochel
      Thanks for pointing that out for me :)
    6. @Rochel Sorry too late.T^T
      Yes, "skin texture" included in the default faceup.
      Thank you :)
    7. [​IMG]

      Gaz head order is until tomorrow(January. 22) 9PM(KST).
      Do not miss this last chance!
      Thank you :)