New Doll ::RaMcube:: RaM+Plus new doll release info

Aug 28, 2017

    1. Guidance for RaM+Plus new items

      We prepared a new parts 'RaM+Plus 6-3' and event with the 'MUD' type.
      We ask you a lot of support and attention for the our new project and the new doll.

      Thank you :)

      RaMcube 2017 new project RaM + Plus


      RaM + Plus guide(Link)


      MUD+Plus set
      2017.08.30 ~ 2017.09.13 9PM (KST)


      MUD Head
      2017.08.30 ~ 2017.09.13 9PM (KST)


      RaM+Plus 6-3


      Thank you for your interest. :)

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