New Doll ::RaMcube:: RaM+Plus new release

Jan 16, 2020

    1. RaMcube RaM+Plus new release guide

      RaM+Plus CUBE Special: Half eyes Sei


      Sei original type is re-released in commemoration of H.Sei release.


      !! Don't miss the chance to participate in the RaM+Plus event !!
      * Set of heads and ear parts *
      * Special makeup for limited dolls *
      * Limited 5 version special brushing of RaM+Plus 6-1 ear parts. *
      * Limited to two worldwide - Artist Limited(Beige brown skin) *

      * RaM+Plus event is also ongoing. *
      Collect the RaM+Plus stickers to free receive the limited doll head that you missed.
      Please check the RaM+Plus guide on site for more details :)

      We have prepared various images of heads that vary depending on makeup.
      * CUBE Special is makes various characters with one type of head and various makeup. *

      Overseas order : 2020.01.22 2PM ~ 2020.01.23 2PM(KST)

      We hope your interest in this new release.

      Thank you :)

      :: RaMcube ::
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    2. Will you ever re-release Ravi? Pleeeeze? :eusa_pray