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RaMcube (Rapa's Factory) Discussion

Dec 4, 2011

    1. Starting this thread for all who ordered Lamu, Lail, Elpy and/or Fexy!

      I've ordered Elpy with an extra body. Does anyone know more about the sculptors? Looks like some work was done for SoulDoll.
    2. I´ve ordered Fexy two days ago!They kinda new or? i can´t find owner pics from Lamu and Lail.... You mean like the Soul-Sweet? hnn don´t think. But it´s maybe only because their face-up looks diffrent from the Souldoll one.
    3. In Mar's blog, under "Jobs" - http://blog.daum.net/an_out-n-out_egoist

      Looks like they designed the horn parts, Maillo, Maro and Agnetha. I love some of the earlier tinies, like the goat boy!

      Yes, no photos yet of Lamu or Lail since they were sold in November. I really like these dolls and hope they'll do more. They didn't seem to get a great response here and there aren't many orders for the English/Japanese order board. I can't figure out what the response is on the Korean board.
    4. Aw, thanks for the links! I love "Mi", she's so pouty and pink ^^.
    5. Yay, a thread for these cuties! It's such a bummer they're all limited edition, though. D: I'd really like a basic one.
    6. I think these dolls are adorable. Did you see the new one? I love those feet! (Ack, I really want one!)
    7. Yes, those feet are adorable! I wonder if it makes them hard to stand?
    8. In the first pic she stands. but seems she need something to hold ... this feets. but it´s a cutie anyway.
    9. Yay, finally the first basics are available!
      I hope "Mi" will also be released as a basic doll :aheartbea.
    10. Thanks, babyelf! I just saw this in the News section, too. Good to see they'll be offering basics! I know they said Mi wasn't ready but I do hope they'll offer their older sculpts as well. I'm still intrigued by the goat boy!

      I can't wait to see how well these bodies pose! I did ask for my Elpy to be shipped after Christmas (always afraid of a lost/stolen package at this time) but if anyone else gets their limited before then, please post some photos.
    11. It's kind of weird to call them basic if they're gonna be limited in sale times. :I I just hope I've got monies during a different sale time because these kids are so chubby and cute!
    12. I guess it doesn't strike me as weird because of dealing with Lati. There is also a time limitation on their basic doll sales.

      Prices are comparable to Lati, with a basic Lati yellow at $180 and a basic Rapa at $200. A Lati yellow body is $145 and a Rapa body is $140. I'm wondering how a Lati head will work with a Rapa body. The neck circumference is the same.
    13. i hate that time limit.
      i was happy to see that they release the basic versions because Lail would be the perfect for the imagination of Fexy´s little brother. Sadly i have not the money .....

      and yeah i hope they will offer Mi and the other sculps for international buyers!
    14. I reallllly like the looks of these little cuties. Especially Fexy. Those shoes, and that little tummy is just... :aheartbea
      I wonder how difficult it would be to mod a PKF faceplate to fit on a Rapa body? That would open up a ton of possibilites for me~ >w<
      Goat-boy has such an endearingly silly face~ x'3
    15. Today my shipping notice is out! now i´m thrilled! I think today i take my last da off and sew him some clothes.
    16. Uminari, did they email you or do you just have to check the order board?
    17. they email to me but i ask them a few days before to do it
    18. Do, Re and Mi are now basics! Their announcement in the news.

      I want the basic Do with goat head, horns and tail but I'm waiting to see what my Elpy will be like. These guys are so cute!
    19. This is great news, now I can save up and not have to wait for another dumb ordering period. I thought I'd dislike the goat head but that scowl is so cute. xD
    20. Yeah i saw it! AWESOME.
      I think about Re, Mi and Lamu. Wonderful not to deal with limited periods.

      Lexy postet her Box opening of her Fexy. Cute little guy! I dislike the faceup what he resive. This orange what they use... I hope mine will be here soon to!