Event RaMcube site renewal & event

Mar 26, 2020

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      We will hold an event together with the RaMcube site renewal.

      Event 1: Receive double signup points when you signup this site (Duration: 1 Month)
      Event 2: Move existing site points (only available to members whose signup date is before new site open date)
      Event 3: Gallery Photo and Video Registration (5 Points for Registration)

      Check out the our new site to more detail.

      RaMcube Renewal Event Head open Notice

      • Sales period: 2020.03.27 12pm ~ 2020.03.28 12pm
      • Items : Ravi / H. Ravi / S. Ravi
      • Composition: Pastel Peach Skin / Makeup
      • If all the quantity in stock within the sales period is sold, it will be sold out.
      • The quantity in stock is deducted at the time of purchase. (Shopping cart x)
      • It is a limited quantity pre-order. (Preparation period about 2 months after purchase.)

      We hope to see you again on our new site.
      Thank you.
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