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Randomly Finding BJD Owners

May 6, 2011

    1. So, I have no clue if this is already a thread or not, I didn't see anything.

      Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone randomly ran into BJD owners they didn't know?

      Personally, I haven't yet (sadly) but it's slowly becoming a new goal of mine.

      I've just thought about it for a long time, and I don't mean at conventions, I just mean in general.​
    2. Well this has actually happened to me believe it or not! It was several years back, we had a big doll meet at Disney's Epcot here in Florida. There were a bunch of us! :) We actually ran into two out of state doll owners with their dolls who were there just to enjoy the doll and bear expo! It was really neat, they'd had no idea that we were there and vice versa, lol. We all got to take some pictures with eachother's dolls out and about and such. It was a really neat experience. <3

      Also, I have several friends in the hobby here in town, but we ended up meeting another girl who shares the hobby that lives in our tiny space as well! We never really all met up or anything, but she caught me with one of my dolls at the local Micheal's, which was really interesting! Hehe.
    3. I work security at a mall, so naturally I befriend some of the store employees there. One chick in particular works at a kiosk, so I stop by a lot to chat on my rounds - and it turns out she has a Kid Delf Ani at home! :XD: We're into a lot of the same stuff, too, so we really hit it off.
    4. I first found other resin doll owners at a local doll show in about 2004. I actually thought I was probably the only person in town who had one when I suddenly saw two or three people clustered nervously around a table trying to avoid the stares of the antique doll people who clearly did not approve. I went over and introduced myself as a fellow convert.
    5. My best friend's friend who is into BJD. I didn't know a lot of about her besides the fact that she's quite into Japanese animation but when I got to know her more she's crazy over BJD's and encourages me to get myself one x3. We're both awesome friends now; she currently has a Crobidoll BJD purchased last year I believe and her boy was very handsome.
    6. Oh, how I wish I could just see BJDs everywhere... well, not everywhere, because that would make them too common! But I'd love to just randomly meet someone carrying BJDs. That would be awesome, even though I don't have my own yet.
    7. A couple of years ago, before I was even aware of this hobby, I saw a couple of lolita-girls with SD sized dolls in their arms at our mall. I remember being really creeped out and curious at the same time lol.
    8. I was talking to a girl at my college and I mentioned something about dolls and she asked me if I collected BJDs. She did not collect them ( too much $) but her friend collects :D
    9. The best story I have is actually running into BJD owners we *did* know-- but (a) we only knew them online, and (b) we certainly didn't expect to be running into them while we were in Japan. :whee: Idrisfynn, St. James & I were travelling in Japan one October, and our Kyoto section of the trip naturally included a pilgrimage to the Volks headquarters Tenshi-no-Sato. On our way out, we randomly met PurgatoriX and Neverything at the coat-check. It was the pleasantly-strangest feeling to be having an English conversation with these familiar-strangers right there in the Volks nerve-center, as though it were any old meetup venue.
    10. It happened to me a lot of times already...during toy, anime and cosplay conventions :)

    11. Hey it's one of my goals too!! XD
      The closest I've been was seeing BJD unexpectedly
      online or in pictures. @@

      I'm always like, "What if I see another doll owner at _________?"
      The question is what will I do once it actually happens? lol
    12. I have a photo of my Lishe and Breakaway on my debit card, and I've had several people checking me out at stores tell me they have friends who collect dolls like that.
    13. This did happen to me and a couple of my dolly friends once a couple years ago, when I was still living in Los Angeles. The three of us decided to go out (like we often did) and take our dolls with us; this time we ended up going to Disneyland. While we were there (dolls in arms), two people (a husband/wife couple) came up to us. The lady identified the doll I was carrying (Fairyland Seorin) right away, and told us she had some Fairyland dolls of her own. The two were visiting from Texas :P

      But that was it. I wish I could find more dolly people.
      Though the other day my Bf & I were driving around and a guy had a bumper sticker that said "I <3 my S13" to which I got all excited, thinking I read "I <3 my SD13" but that's when my bf pointed out S13 was related to the car the person was driving.
    14. I really wish I would meet more random people that had BJDs around my area. I found out through DoA there are a few and we attempt to have a meet every month. I would be ecstatic to meet someone that was curious about my dolls while actually knowing about them before they ask XD.

      I plan on bringing my dolls to college next semester (because now I actually ahve a few traditional classes that are not online), I now have a few smaller dollies that wouldn't be TOO awkward to bring into class. A 62cm might be a little obnoxious... but 40cm or below shouldn't be too hard... And easier to juggle with books XD.
    15. I saw a couple of girls while I was visiting Winnepeg a few years ago sitting in a coffee shop with their dolls. I went over and said, "Nice Dollfies," (I was very new to the hobby and didn't have any BJDs of my own yet) before walking away.
    16. I haven't met any random BJD people unfortunately. But, a couple of people have tried to lie to me about having BJDs for some stupid reason. I guess some local weirdo on facebook wanted to meet me or something, and saw my pictures of my dolls and decided that trying to lie about sharing a hobby was somehow a good idea. They assured me they did collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and when I asked them what company they were from and what size they were and stuff they couldn't answer. And then they stopped talking and never contacted me again. This has happened twice weirdly enough. One magically "forgot" where they got it from because it was a "really long time ago" and the other claimed a "friend bought one for them and didn't give them the box or anything".

      Isn't that weird?
    17. Ummmmm, I live in Texas. Bjd owners are far and wide dispersed. Mainly only at meets i ever met any. Other than that no. =/
    18. All.

      Happened to me tonight when I was at a party for my non-bjd friend's birthday, held at a local steampunk convention. I was showing another person the brocade I'd bought, and mentioned it was for "LittleFee size". A young woman who was at the convention from the Bay area heard me, and struck up a conversation about BJDs and her collection of tinies. Mind you, there were only 12 people there, five of them (including her) were people I'd never met before.
    19. I always wanted to have this happen while I was out with my parents - to let them know that no, I'm not the only person who collects BJDs...