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rant: BJD family planning

Sep 23, 2005

    1. I’m sorry, I really needed to... :oops:

      So I’ve been into BJDs for a few months already (yeah, I’m such a n00b) and I’m already getting my first doll, a DoD Hoo. I’ve also started planning my BJD family already and even have a list to show in what order I’ll be saving up for them. It is as follows:

      DoD Hoo (coming home)
      DO Bermann
      DoD Wi
      CP Yder
      Dolkot Kiss

      The list initially did NOT have a Dolkot Kiss. He’s a new addition as of yesterday only, and I blame this on a friend who sent me the link to Dolkot’s website. All it took was one look at the Kiss to convert me. Though I'm trying to tell myself now that i don't really want him.. eek.

      Now this is what I want to rant about… I had already planned my BJD family, wanting to end my collection at 5 dolls. But after looking at the Kiss and wanting him, and thinking that if I got a CP Yder special (the one that came with the sleeping head), I would actually end up having 7 dolls! 2 more than what I initially planned for! Of course, I would have to get the sleeping Yder head a body eventually to make the 7th doll…

      I also initially planned to modify the sleeping Yder head so have his eyes opened up a little and maybe sell the modified head to make myself some money! But then, the idea to make the two Yders twins came into my mind all of a sudden… Their names popped into my head as well (though I’m not sure if I want to stick to those names) and a small backstory. This was all so unplanned, and it just made my mind boggle… This was thought up yesterday as well... x_x

      Has any of this happened to you before? Planning for the perfect family, only to have all the planning spoilt after seeing a different doll or sudden thoughts of doll backstories popping into your head?
    2. Err, yeah. ^_^;;

      I wanted two boys and two girls. Period. Nothing excessive, just a little bunch of dollie teenagers running around my house.

      My list looked like this:

      CP Shiwoo (Mischa)
      SD Kun (Viola)
      Rainman's Soah (Friday's Child)
      Soom Namu OR SD-13 Syo (Calais)

      Than. . . I started looking at Jr. Ai Sarang. I loved her. So when, just a few weeks later, she came up in the Marketplace, I pounced! Now India's waiting to come home, courtesy of Jolarocknrolla. ^_^ But I. . . keep thinking she should have a baby brother.

      This was not in the plan.
    3. This year alone I've changed my dollie plans about 6 times. And the year isn't even over yet. :cry:

      It's normal (for me at least) to have your doll plans get changed often. Who knows? By the time you're ready to get one, something else might turn out to be a better fit, and your doll plans will have changed yet again. :lol:

      Don't stress over it too much. =) Just go with the flow, for whatever it's worth. hehe

    4. such quick replies!!! :oops: thanks for giving your own experiences! lol actually, now what's going through my mind is:

      'do you really need 7 dolls???? do you even have the money to maintain 7 dolls... :| '

      ... my mind hates me.. :sigh
    5. There was no real planning involved in my group for the most part, but yeah, it did kind of jump around.

      I wanted one, damn it. Just one. It was gonna be a Link. I'd get him and that'd be it. Too frickin' expensive for these things.

      Oh, but then I wanted a MSD Ken. But whoops, there was School Head A and wow, I wanted HIM, screw Ken or Link. Well, maybe Link too. But I ended up with an El instead.

      Ok, fine. I've got El ordered, there's my one doll. Oh, whoops, there's Elf Ani. Make that two dolls... Three at most if I see another I have to have. Maybe that Link.

      Oh wait, suddenly Ephram is wanting to be a doll. Whoa, why did I never notice F-20 before? Wow, he's nice. And oh crap, F-24? They added Link to FCS? You mean I can get a BW Link with long legs and tabi feet? Whoa! Sign me up for both! Lukas wants a form too!

      Oh crap, but Domuya is stopping taking FCS orders and both are Sato only, crud. Well, uhh... Crap. Cry. Forget F-20 for Ephram then. Well hey, I always kind of liked Isao and he'll work too! ...Crap, where'd this Isao head come from? Ack!

      While I'm at it, I want an Angel Elf Soo. She's lovely and she'd make a great Elly. So I want her, eventually. ...Whoa, look at that gorgeous Dark Elf Soo in the market place. But I don't even like DES except for her hands! But whoops, there's me buying her. Ok, there's my Elly, but...

      Speaking of Elly, whoa, AR UFKs. A SD-sized doll for $416 including the shipping? And all I have to do is put it together? Well, I always did like Elly's sad little face, let's give her a shot since I can't get my Lukas. And wow, I really DO like her in person! Glad I went for it. But hell, I'm up to FIVE of the things now! What happened to three?

      Oh wait, look at the timing on this! I CAN get Lukas! Quick! Order! Whoohoo, Lukas! He'll be mine! But uh... Crap. That makes six. No more. Ever! Argh!

      But wait, here's Indego's F-19 up for sale sitting there sad and alone for a couple of weeks while I keep going back and back to look at him again and again and feeling so sad and hearing him call. And crap, layaway? With a timeframe I can manage? But I never even liked F-19 before! But... The call! Whoops, there's #7. @_@ No more! No more! Ack!

      ...And now CoCo has wrapper her tiny little fingers around my heart and she's squeezing. T_T Eight...

      And I still want that blasted School Head A. -_-;;; And Angel Elf Soo. And I want an Elf Yder if they ever make one and he has the right ears. And that F-20 might be nice too. And... *cries*

      I also wouldn't mind having triplicate Link/F-24s. XP One BW long-legged SD13 F-24, one standard-issue SD13 Link, and one Sunlight SD boy F-24... XD;;;

      Yeah. Where the hell did all these dolls come from? How have I spent this much MONEY? (And inexplicably avoided having ANY credit card debt from them?) XD

      *whimper* Make them stop, make them stoooop.


      One. I just wanted one. Maybe two or three at most...

      Damned dolls. XP
    6. I have three dolls planned. @__@ I hope it doesn't change. One is here. Two more to go!

      Goodness, this is an expensive hobby. ;;
    7. Ian-KunX that was a very fun read... :oops: hehehee.. but wow.. your thought process. and all that started because of a Link. O.O and wow yeah.. i never thought of that, but an elf Yder would be GORGEOUS!!

      peachxprince oh yeah.. it was such a hassle saving up for my first boy already.. but i was lucky enough to have him offered as a bday present! so now i'm saving up for Bermann, which is even harder.. *_*
    8. i think a lot of people have dolls want lists and plans that change. i just figure, i can't have them all, so i will just get 2 or 3 and hopefully make some friends with the other sculps i like.
    9. I know that it took me, personally, quite a while to find out exactly who I wanted.
      There are so many beautiful and wonderful dolls out there! But obviously we all cannot own them all.
      Finally I have ended up with my dream girl *sighs* (f16sunlightgirl), except that it took me a while to realize she was the one I wanted all along.

      I'd bet that your list will change quite a few more times before you have enough money to buy all those dolls!
      Don't worry about it. This hobby is about happiness and dreams :grin:

    10. Oh yes, yes, yes.

      I told my husband I just wanted Isao. He'd be the only one, end of story. But he looked so lonely... It's been downhill ever since. Just see my sig. :roll: Thankfully a number of those are just heads... for now.
    11. x___X I've changed my plans so many times. It's horrid... I'm not sure how many I may get. Really, what I do is wait for the perfect one to pounce on me... like Yder. >< And then Kiss... I suppose he'll be the next I get if I get anything... or a School A... x____x or...

      >< ack.
    12. *hehe* I like this thread. :D

      I started off just looking and bouncing back and forth between which doll I liked the most. Then I discovered El and then the El-Special and knew that was what I wanted. I wanted ONE doll 'cause I figured it would be hard enough just affording that one. I had a list of others I liked, but I didn't think about them very seriously.

      Now that I actually have my El-Special my thought process seems to have changed. Now I need a body for the El Dreaming head (preferably a girl body) and yesterday I found myself looking at a lot of Hound dolls (which would be perfect for another character I have in mind). I didn't really want girl dolls either, but my El dreaming head just feels like a girl and I found that I like Lishe a lot too. The list in my signature shows, pretty much in order, the dolls I have fallen the hardest for.

      It is going to be a while before I can afford the body for the dreaming head, but I already know that it won't stop there. It seems like every day I fall in love with another doll. I have a general order in which I want to get them (girl body for disembodied head, Hound, Paris, Harang, Lishe, and then the other CP boys and Kiss), but other than the body and Hound I probably won't stick to it ('cause this list would take me many years to complete and who knows what will happen between now and then).
    13. After I first learned about BJDs, I went over to the Volks website, and Kun caught my eye with her innocent and pretty face. But She didn't grab at me the way El did when I discovered Luts website. So now he is on his way home.
      Eventually he will need a companion. I looked at different girls and came to the conclusion that she will need to be from the same company. First I liked DES, but she looks to angry... AES? I liked her more innocent expression, but she is an elf, and doesn't fit in. (And Elves are supposed to always fit in, dammit! XD) So that left me with Soo Special (I love Soo's teeth, but I like Soo with closed mouth better), and she sort of grew on me. I am supposed to be saving up for her now. But! What about two Ani boy twins?? I don't know why I need two, but that's how it works? :oops: So I am just...saving for now, I guess.
      P.S. Not to mention that I fell in love with U-me head sometime during all this.
      Please save my bank account.. :oops:
    14. Such wise words.. :oops:

      it's really fun reading about everyone else's BJD family planning. has anyone actually stuck to their family plans?? :o
    15. *chuckles* Am I the only one that saw
      "Family Planning"
      and instantly thought it was a topic on how to use some sort of BJD "birth control" to keep from buying more? ^_~
    16. My origional plan was to get 4 dolls, which has turned to 6/7. It is 6 unless I decide to get a Pocket Fairy or 16cm Latidoll. I've decided that as long as I save up smart and don't go out of control I should get whatever I really really want.
      You can't be happy limiting yourself.
    17. birth control.. *dies laughing* it was initially 'family planning', but i thought that i should include the 'BJD' in there or it would look too weird.. :oops: but yeah, it could be taken that way too!! :lol:

      birth control for BJDs.. good way to spend less money.. but then, like tammie says, 'you can't be happy limiting yourself..'

    18. lol yeah...hehe.

      For example I already have a Yo-SD (26cm) but I want Latidoll Ronnie (30cm) so I am not NOT going to get Ronnie and regret it even though I have a similarly sized doll.
      Even though you know what I meant, I wanted to give an example xD
    19. I had originally only wanted one... but then he would be lonely! So then it was just two!! But then OMG VAMPIRE ELF EL!!!11 how could I resist that!? >>; It just kept snowballing from there. :roll:
      My current plan is for me to stop at 13. They're all in my sig there. *points* ... as much as I hate to say it... I fear it will be changed again before too long. *sigh*
    20. My “BJD family” plans just recently started changing. Originally after I got my first BJD I knew I wanted more but not a whole lot so I decided not to get more than 5. Right now I’m at 4 dolls and a head (who I’m planing on getting a body for) so it’ll be five soon.
      But just a few days ago I stumbled across Dollstown’s website and fell in love with Seol-a, the first thing that popped into my mind was “wow she would be perfect for my twin characters”. They have been characters of mine for awhile but I never thought of getting bjd’s for them until I saw Seol-a. So now I’m planing on getting two of them and that will put me at 7 dolls.
      I hope to call it quits after this as far as buying new bjd’s go, but I have been wanting a sunlight FCS SD13 boy too :oops: .
      However I haven’t really decided on him, I don’t have the money for a FCS boy anytime soon. So if I do end up getting him it probably wont be for a long time.