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Rant on Fairyland (Re-Release of Old Sculpts without Announcement)

Jun 28, 2016

    1. ***I apologize if this topic isn't allowed here, please remove it if it's not***


      I would like to go on a little rant about Fairyland as of late.

      There's a long and short version to this story, so if you don't have the patience to read the long version, here's the short one.

      Short version of the story:

      Fairyland has temporarily re-released a number of old sculpts, including the Feeple65 Roke, Feeple65 Siean, etc. They re-released these previously discontinued sculpts about a month ago WITHOUT any sort of announcement.

      On June 16th, during their Fantasy Art Line event, they mentioned in a notice about the Hippogriff skin colors that they aren't reaching the quota with these dolls they re-released, saying that "Unfortunately, their sales figure never reflected actual customer requests and our management team is growing more cautious about actualising customer requests."

      In essence, Fairyland has re-released a number of old sculpts without warning, and not even a month later mentions that they aren't reaching their quota for those dolls. (Which makes it unclear when or if they will be placing those sculpts back into a SOLDOUT state).

      Continue reading below to know why this circumstance has become so frustrating to me.

      Long version of the story:

      I've been in love with the Feeple65 Roke because of the muscular body with which it was designed. I find the Roke's body to be an ideal balance between Iplehouse's super muscular men and other companies' too-thin-looking-men. I'm a picky person after all, so the only male SD that I've ever found to be a great fit for my taste is the Feeple65 Roke. Unfortunately, this doll was discontinued around 2012.

      Now, I've only been a member of the BJD community since 2015, so I am still fairly new to the hobby. But once I laid my eyes on that unavailable doll, I knew I had to have him. I've searched and searched and searched throughout the secondhand market without any luck in finding a Roke that wasn't ridiculously overpriced. (Which, even from Fairyland is pretty expensive as their company is known to be pricy)

      Okay, don't leave just yet, I'm getting to the point XD

      I've asked Fairyland on numerous occasions if they would be bringing back the Roke, in fool's hope that they would be so kind as to re-release the doll I've been dying to have. As you can guess, the answers that I always got was a flat out no. Don't get me wrong, they've never been rude in any of their responses to my questions, but in essence it was denying the possibility of the doll coming back.

      And then. On that fateful Thursday of May 19th this year, I see that the SOLDOUT mark on the Feeple65 Roke has been taken off. I didn't want to jump with joy until I was sure this wasn't some sort of website glitch, so I quickly messaged Fairyland about the matter.

      Fairyland informed me that they had indeed re-released the Feeple65 Roke along with a handful of other previously discontinued dolls.

      Fortunately for me, I had already been saving up for a doll, so I was able to purchase my grail a few days after it came out again. But, here is where my problem with Fairyland lies.

      1. No announcement on Fairyland's part.
      This to me is the biggest mistake that this company could have done in reference to re-releasing these older sculpts. How are people supposed to buy when there is absolutely no forewarning to these dolls being available again? I got lucky because I'm a constant lurker on their website. But what about those who aren't? What about those who were following the current event and didn't notice? Or those who gave up because of what Fairyland has mentioned before? Which brings me to my next point.

      2. No mention of even a SLIGHT possibility of these dolls in the personal Q+A forums.
      I have asked Fairyland on a number of occassions when and if the Feeple65 Roke would be re-released. And I know for a fact that there have been plenty of others asking about the other sculpts that were re-released, or else Fairyland would not have re-opened so many options. But the problem is, THEY NEVER SAID THEY WOULD IN THE FIRST PLACE. Every single time I asked, Fairyland denied the possibility of the dolls being re-released at ANY TIME. And I am sure I am not the only one who received this discouraging answer when questioning about a Soldout doll that is now available again.

      So with all of this, how does Fairyland expect to maintain a quota when no one was even given a fair chance to know and prepare for buying a long-wanted and long-discontinued doll? How on earth does it make sense that business would be booming with these requested sculpts when you are in the middle of an event and only mention that they aren't selling within the fine print of a notice? (Mind you a notice that isn't even aimed towards the re-released products, but about the Hippogriff skin colors).

      I'm just very frustrated and disappointed with Fairyland in how they have been handling these re-releases. It's unfair for them to complain about not getting business when people weren't even given a fair chance to know about what was happening and what is temporarily available.

      Keep in mind though that as of now, these previously Soldout dolls are still available on Fairyland. You'd better hurry in case FL decides to take them back off without warning...that or start a layaway with DDE.

      I'd really like to know some more thoughts on this. Have any other widely known companies done stuff like this? Have any of you almost (or completely) missed the opportunity to get your grail because a company sneaked in the re-release of something you once thought was unavailable forever?
    2. I have given up on trying to figure out what Fairyland is up to. They still haven't re-released all the MNF heads they yanked over a year ago despite saying they would all be back (long before now) and before that they pulled the F60 basic girls and the F60 boys (despite people asking for them). Early on, they also said they would rerelease all the old Delf/F70 sculpt heads for the F60s which they did not do. And before that they yanked the F70 line by putting it on "hiatus" and years later is it STILL on hiatus.

      It's frustrating and it makes it difficult to really trust anything they say or get very excited when they do something new. (And this is coming from someone who owns several of their dolls and has owned /more/ than that in the past).
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    3. Honestly I'm still bitter about the delf and F70 :/

      Also anyone remember tha F60 zombie they released, I think just before the first order of mnf tan, with a new "slim muscle" body? They took him off sale like 2 days later without any real explanations and we never heard of him or the new body again! I'm still really confused about that one.
    4. CP has always been a little squirrely. Even back before Fairyland was a thing, when they were still selling their dolls though Luts and a few other dealers, you had to take anything they said with a big grain of salt.

      They once said that the early elves (Shiwoo, Lishe and El) would eventually be released as standards. People who passed on the limiteds based on that statement were doomed to disappointment. It never happened and a few of those people STILL gripe about it occasionally. They said they weren't going to do a tanned Shiwoo... a week before they released him. They set a date once upon a time to release a tanned Harang... That never happened.

      There have been a lot of "miscommunications" in their history... So, it surprises me not at all that they would do something like the F65 restock without mentioning it, and then wonder why there was such a lack of demand. <_< It's just the nature of the beast for the company.
    5. Exactly this. I remember those days. I'm still upset about the F70 line. I was going to buy one but they pulled the line 'temporarily' right before I had money. That was many years ago. I honestly don't think they'll ever come back.
      I don't expect to see big El again, let alone any of the limited Delf heads like they promised. I was surprised to notice the F65 reappearance when that happened because I assumed they too were gone forever.
    6. I remember him. I think they said he would never be released and it sounded like Fairyland got ahead of Cerberus Project on that one. It was a mess though because even DDE made a page for him that they then had to take down.

      I feel like it's things like this that have made me really start looking at/buying from other companies. I still love the CPs I own and they can still make interesting things but it is pretty tiresome to be fed constant untruths with little reason. It's not at all surprising they did this but it is sad. As I recall they did this with the F60 boys a few months back? Weren't they released for a couple of days and then they were suddenly closed? This again without much fanfare or announcement. It gets pretty tiresome having to guess where their moods will take them next.
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    7. Yep. I've wanted to replace my long-sold-on white resin Dreaming Vampire Moon with a NS one for YEARS... He was the head that came with the F70 option-part body, so you can guess how successful I've been with that. :lol: "Temporarily sold out" my foot!

      The last time non-Moe F60s were available as a la carte (Last year-), they were up for about a day. I'm still ticked about that. I saw they were open for order, and said "I'll order my Karsh in the morning" since it was late and I was tired. Bad move. The next morning when I went back they were already "Sold Out" again. <_< They haven't offered them again since. At this point, I'm pretty much convinced that the non-Moe F60 line has gone the way of the dodo, just like the F70s.

      Honestly, I've sort-of moved on from them as well at this point... Discontinuing the lines I liked was a big part of that. I'm just not as fond of MiniFees or their pouty Moe girls. XP
      #7 Brightfires, Jun 29, 2016
      Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
    8. I really hate the Moe line bodies with their fake looking boobs and ridiculously tiny feet. And they can't sit. And they're too short for normal SD clothes. There is absolutely NO reason that they would stop selling the "active line" F60 body. None. Unless they realized just how unbelievably popular it was going to be, and don't want to slow down production on all of the copious event orders that they have. I'm bitter about the old Delf heads not being released again. Still bitter. And I really, REALLY like the Rona sculpt, and I thought she was going to be a standard with the new F60 body, but nope. If I could tell Fairyland one thing, it would be take a break from the overwhelming number of events, and take some time to release standard products that people actually WANT. I like my Minifee, but I like SD sized dolls the best, and would really love a non-Moe body for my ID45 head, or for some of the popular Delf heads (hello, Lishe? El?) to be available.
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    9. It's really discouraging to read this, especially with me still being fairly new to the community.
      Basically Fairyland wants you to buy in full the moment something arrives...and if you can't...too little to late? I'm no expert in business but that just can't be right anywhere...

      That is so frustrating!!!

      It seriously just makes no sense as to how they have the nerve to complain about the lack of demand when they don't even let anyone know about what is available....
      Fairyland needs to step up their management big time.
      #9 StrangelyAngelic, Jun 29, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2016

    10. I absolutely agree 100% on both the Moe line bodies and slowing down with the events. I don't like that they rely solely on these new releases to make their quotas while all of their older products stay idly as 'Soldout' on the website. (Almost as though it's taunting you!)
      I wonder if Fairyland is just afraid that their older stuff won't make as much money...
      but if that's truly their concern I'm sure they could figure out some way to promote their older items. They're a business after all, so finding solutions to meet their needs is their job!

      I just wish their solution wouldn't rely solely on dishing out new limiteds one after the other without giving people a chance to even receive the one they previously ordered!

      I mean come on, with the proper announcement and careful planning, I'm sure they'd do wonderfully even with their older sculpts. Even a 10% discount on previously discontinued stuff I'm sure would bring them in plenty of business as long as they made sure their customers were aware.
      Again, no expert on business, but, if it works for other companies I can bet it would work for them too!
    11. I agree, CP is squirrely and according to the twitter rep they're the ones that make the casting and release decisions. To me it seems like it's all about the money, which is fine I guess, but many of us do buy the things that we ask for. Now it seems like PukiPuki will not get any new sculpts, F70 is done, if F65 doesn't do well this release period it might be done. All the F60's other than the few girl sculpts on the Moe body. The MNF boys already get a lot fewer new releases and head sculpts than the girls. So the focus is girl Minifee/Fairyline, F60 Moe, Realfee, and a sprinkle of Pkf/Ltf from time to time.

      While I love the Moe body in mnf because they're small and cute, I really hated it in F60 size so I won't be buying another FL doll any time soon unless they were to bring back the other body for the F60 (or release MNF in Agra tan).

      Back when that whole thing with Yrin happened a friend and I coined the term WTFairyland and used it every time they made a decision that made absolutely no sense, lol.