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::Rapa's Factory:: 1st anniversary event.

Mar 31, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      Rapa's Factory
      1st anniversary event.

      Event details
      R: F 00 line on the type of most favorite, please vote.
      Doll of the highest number votes, we will sell re-release in Normal skin types.
      [Re-release type will sell limited period and discount.]

      Event 1st prize (1 person)
      A Full Set of the 1st doll from popularity vote
      Lottery method: we will draw one person randomly from the participant apply the event
      and write the 1st doll
      [The configuration is can be check to be when doll re-release open.]
      Event 2nd prize (3 persons)
      Random Parts[R:F 00 line]
      Lottery method: we will draw three persons randomly from the participant apply the event

      The duration of the event :
      2012.04.01 - 2012.04.08 [1 week]

      Presentation date :
      April 11 [Notice from Rapa's Factory website]

      Events delivered products
      1st prize : Re-released type when the after limited period deadline.
      [Will be shipped after April 21]
      2nd prize : Will be shipped after April 11

      [Rapa's Factory will pay the shipping fee for gift]

      Event join method

      Send to E-mail -> rapasfactory@gmail.com
      E-mail form
      subject : [Event] participant name
      1. what is your most favorite among the R:F 00 line dolls?
      2. What do you want from the R:F?

      ::Rapa's Factory::

    2. Hi! Does one have to be a member on your website to participate in the event?
    3. Hello^^
      Is possible to participate in event without join on the web site.
    4. I had some trouble figuring out who was who, so I made this to help other folks:


      Still not sure who the two top left dolls are, but they look like sleepy versions of Do and Mi to me. :)
    5. The two top left dolls are 'Fa' and 'Sol' type~
      [Fa# : mouse / Sol# : fox]
      There are different from 'Do' and 'Mi' molds.
      'Fa' and 'Sol' is unreleased types on our English site.T_T
    6. What does the second question mean exactly?

      EDIT: Was answered.
    7. [TABLE]
      [TD]**Re-release in Normal skin type : Wei**

      prizewinner announcement!!

      1st prize : Mikka Gottstein[alex@keladry.com]
      2nd prize : Dmitri Botskov[b64kov@gmail.com ]

      We would like to express my gratitude to all who participate :D
      We are sending to prize receipt information by email.

    8. Congrats to the winners! What will the ordering period be for NS Wei? :)