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::Rapa's Factory:: R:F 02 Doll [MSD size] - "Lua" Head.

Mar 3, 2012

    1. BJD Shop
      :: Rapa's Factory::

      released new period limited doll.

      R:F 02 Doll - "Lua" Head.

      * Info *
      Circumference of head : About 19cm
      -Eyes : 12 ~ 14mm
      -Color(skin type) : Normal[Volks Normal-skin]
      -Compatibility : Volks MSD size(40cm) body & Wig

      ** Order period: March 03(Sat) ~ March 24(Sat) 23:59 **
      (standard in South Korea time)

      If you have any question or want to have more information,
      please leave on our website : http://www.rfbjd.com

      E-mail order & question : rapasfactory@gmail.com
      [-For those who should not access our site]