Rare or Hard Dolls to Get?

Jun 25, 2016

    1. In your opinion what is the hardest/rarest dolls to get your hands on? I have a few dolls on my wishlist that I know will probably be hard to get, namely a 5th motif venitu. So, what's a doll you think is hard to get or doll you want that's going to be hard to get?
    2. i don't think these are necessarily the hardest, but perhaps original esthy peroths? maybe original CP/Luts sculpts? i agree with venitu tho. if i had one i wouldn't let it go either LOL
    3. Lillycat's Sandre. There must be less than 20 in the world, and no more than two in the same skin colour. They are not impossible to find though, but definitely not easy.
      Kinoko's Juice dolls are also very hard to get (and as expensive as they're rare !), as well as Dust of Doll Lill (I don't think there's more than two or three of this dolls in the world. I might be wrong and there might be a bit more, but they are still really rare).
      Of course there must be other rare artists dolls to get, but these are the first that comes to my mind.
    4. I have a l'Armoire de DanDan Harlan (Gore Version). It's only a head, but they were made in three limited number batches and they are hard to find. I had to scour the internet for mine and now I can't find anymore and I'm constantly keeping tabs on when one hits the market. I would think that older dolls would be much more obscure.
    5. For me the hardest doll to get my hands on is CreaturesDoll's Bactro and in the colour I wish for (blue). u_u
    6. If you ever find one that's not blue, I would recommend dying the resin to make it blue. It's not exactly the same, but there are tutorials on here on how to do it. Hope that helps a little.
    7. I got a great one for this!
      Kanon Louis (sometimes called Lui or Rui)
      He was released along with a sculpt called Yui which is similar but smiley. Ten of each of them were made in 2005. The sculptor was accused of copying a Volks Lucas to make these sculpts (unfounded) and as far as is known, never made another BJD. Sometimes you'll see a Yui pop up second hand, and I managed to get one. But I haven't seen a Louis for sale anywhere since 2006.

      I am sure there are other older dolls that are hard to find, not many made or just not popular or both.
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    8. idrisfynn I've Doll in Life Rydel - very old and rare XD (2006)


      For me very rare is Sweet Gale Cyril. I want to buy him very much...
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    9. I really, really want a Unidoll Ark. They're hard to find, since the few people who have him must really love the sculpt. (He's kind of unusual-looking) and don't want to part with him unless forced by circumstances, I guess.
    10. Kinoko Juice resin cast dolls are a chore to get hold of! I haven't succeeded yet!
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    11. I have a Serendipity Sharmin. I don't know anyone else that even has a Serendipity doll anymore. I just stopped seeing them after a while.
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    12. Souldoll I-SO. I've seen him on flickr and Deviant Art and this is what his owner said about him, "... he is Souldoll I-SO. As I remember, the mold became a subject to some dispute between Soldoll and the sculptor, and I-SO was in production less than 4 months." Untitled
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    13. Aeon of Dive's Seimei head. I had one for a while. Aeon of Dive is rumored to have made 25, but only 12 have been confirmed (it may be that the others never existed, or were never sold, or went into the collections of the artist's friends, or something), and it's also possible that there are two variations of the head (small differences in the nose and mouth).
    14. Also, Unidoll Kaito, I almost forgot. I have never seen an owner pic of him. If I ever saw him or Souldol I-SO on the market I would snap 'em up. kaito
    15. I can second that! My Mom fell in love with the Ark sculpt when a friend brought hers to a meet and the sole reason I managed to get her one was because said friend had bought a spare Ark head with her guy and after years of puppy eyes and promises of loving him for ever and ever I was allowed to buy the head from her in 2015 as a present for Mom.

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    16. BlueBlood Doll Phoenix!! It was a handcast head with only two or three ever sold. He was the first BBD and he is not even mentioned on the site anymore. I found out about him by accident. Even finding photos of this doll is very difficult. Not even Medusa who created him has one. When I wanted this doll, I was able to track down one of them, but not for sale. He is very similar, sort of a prototype for Draven, but was sold as Phoenix and has some differences.
    17. I second? third? Unidoll Ark. I loved the sculpt when he was first released but there was no way I could afford him then. The love was made even bigger when one of the people in my local group had one and allowed me to hold and play with him for nearly an entire meet *laughs*.

      I'd straight up love to get my hands on a Soom Azur Big Sea Sprite (on the mer body). I missed out on the order period due to lack of funds and I've only ever seen him pop up on the MP once (and again couldn't buy due to lack of funds *sigh*). During the most recent FCE, the mer body wasn't available as an option so while I had the cash in-hand, I still couldn't buy him.
    18. I would love to get my hands on a Nobledolls Raspberry in Chocolate! She was a limited release especially for Valentine's day but I never come across one when I have the monies to get her!
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    19. Rozen Maidens. ;)
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    20. Dream of Doll Black Luke. My understanding is he's one of a kind made for a convention in Hong Kong.... Buuut I could be mistaken? Maybe? Please??:eusa_pray

      Edit: Wait, there 3 in existence.
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