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Rarest Doll Outfits

Sep 14, 2017

    1. In your opinion, what is the rarest outfit you own or want to collect.
      I personally think the outfits from La Maison de Aile and La Petit Madeleine are quite rare.
    2. For me personally, any doll-sized lolita outfit by Baby The Star Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty or Innocent World are the hardest things to find. Two of my off-topic dolls own an Angelic Pretty set that I remember buying at a reasonable price as soon as they were out but they're nearly impossible to find now. If I want to buy another specific branded outfit, I'd probably have to buy it for around 200$, which is a lot to me since I could spend the same amount on branded clothing for myself. The same goes for branded lolita outfits for BJDs.

      I remember the doll full-set decked in Angelic Pretty costing around 200$ and the separate outfit set costing under 100$. I'm not sure that I'd be willing to spend the money on another one unless someone wanted to split the outfit and the doll or decided to buy a more recent clothing set from them if they design more.
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    3. I have one outfit that must be hard to come by but I'm not sure if it's in demand. That is the original Souldoll all-white Hye outfit. It's the head gear that really attracted me to it. I ordered Hye from Souldoll in 2009 and the outfit was already sold out by then. I put a wanted-to-buy up here on DoA and got an almost immediate reply from someone who was raising money for a trip to Japan, if I remember correctly. I was very lucky.
    4. A lot of the Souldoll and Soom outfits, as they're all limited and difficult to find on the secondhand market, especially for reasonable prices.
    5. On yahoo auction last night there was a La Petit Madeleine outfit that went for USD 1800.
      It was shocking because you can buy a doll with that price.
      Finding a reasonable price for a rare outfit is almost impossible.

      You're so lucky XD
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    6. Some of the Soom outfits have been tempting. I think the only collectable/rare ish outfits I own are the old Dollheart Fer dresses. I have one in dusty rose and a little white one for my doll Stella in YOsd size.
    7. I agree, I don't think Soom Rosette Outfits are possible to find anymore.
      Cadenza outfits are hard to find too.
    8. As a person who is in desperate search for high fantasy outfits, I'd say Soom is one tough cookie to find. I adore almost all of their fantasy outfits, but I'll be damned if I could ever find any. So few other companies make fantasy outfits too. The struggle is real!
    9. Award winning Canadian doll artist Martha Boers used to do commissions for doll clothes, now she only occasionally offers doll costumes for sale, and no longer takes commissions. I had wanted a piece of her work for over a decade, and was very lucky to buy a costume she calls " Exotic Blue" recently. She only made two of them, and each is very slightly different, as to the details of its beading and embroidery. Her company is called antiquelilac.com, go take a look, she has wonderful tutorials, and does the best doll costumes and photography I have ever seen, her work is STELLAR!
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    10. I would love to have a school uniform. but i dont know where to get them.
    11. My rarest bjd outfit is a Soom Dune outfit. Got it from the mp, and love it! I'd like to find more, but they just don't come up for sale often and are priced accordingly. I also miss the Dollheart fantasy outfits from a few years ago.
    12. The official Volks Black Jack outfits. I wouldn't ever be able to get one unless I got the doll but I know THAT is a pipe dream.
    13. @rosalynmouse I remember following Martha's Queen of the Night project journal here on DoA! She is amazingly skilled.

      For me, personally, it's been super difficult getting my hands on Desers outfits. They used to have an active international site, but it goes into hiatus more oft than not. Otherwise, the only place they sell directly through is Taobao, and I'm guessing that getting their outfits off there is a massive clickwar. They do seem to get commissioned by Luts on a fairly regular basis, and sometimes Jeeryama on Ebay gets one or two of their outfits so some of their designs are much easier to get now than others. I just feel lucky I was able to snag the only Solo in Baker Street set they posted on their international site~
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    14. I would say bttsb are pretty rare, or some fairyland costumes...

      back in the day it was this white shirt with a rabbit on it that everyone wanted haha
    15. UNOSS pink cat and black maid sets. The Aika and Seina outfit full sets with accessories, boots and special eyes.