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Rarity of the Boudoir outfits in Unoa Freak?

Apr 27, 2008

    1. The two pretty and revieling Boudoir dresses seen in Unoa Freak, how rare are they?

      Were there only ever made the two seen on the pictures, or are there more?

      I just saw one such used Boudoir-outfit end up at 95500 yen on Y!J, and it made me wonder...
      I know Boudoir-stuff can go high, but that much for something in a not brilliant conditon - and modified, to boot - suggests that the outfits are extremely rare.

      Are they? Does anyone know? Or at least have a theory...?
    2. Unoa Freak is partly a pattern book, yes, but far from all the outfits showcased in the book also have patterns for them presented in it.

      The Boudoir outfit shown in two different colour variations on pages 39, 41, and 42 of the book is one such example. No patterns for that particular outfit are to be found in the book.

      The specific outfit that QQ refers to that was sold on Y!J for almost 100,000 yen, I strongly believe to have been the specific purple variation of the outfit actually photographed for the book. The previous owner had modified it slightly to conceal the wearer's nipples (the auction text indicated as much), but I believe there can be no doubt that they are indeed one and the same specific individual specimen.
    3. So it is not the Baby Doll "Boudoir" outfit shown at my link above? Second + next to it shows shows at least part of the pattern in the book.

    4. I checked my Freak. The Boudoir pages start like that and it does say Baby Talk on that left page you show, after the two pages you show is the simpler slip-like dress, then two more photos of the first outfit, then the pattern for just the slip-dress with corset and panties. Too bad we can't figure out what all the Japanese says.

      I see in English:

      Coco & Kiki: (Japanese) : Kyon(japanese)
      Photograher: Aya Watanabe
      Rose and Violet (the dress colors I guess)
      and the eyes the girls are wearing (brand is in Japanese though)

      BTW - the website name on the left page is a Japanese search engine named Goo
      And this is the page link from the boudoir photo (contains two boudoir links that may be shops? Only the first works for me. Another link near the bottom also goes to someplace named Allegorica):

    5. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/le-boudoir/ has this to say (complete with a lovely little image of the outfits):

      Translation A:
      Translation B:
      It seems to me that my assessment was correct: the dress in the recent auction was indeed the exact individual specimen photographed in the book. The modification to close up the open bust appears to have been made already by Boudoir.

      And in answer to Quiet Queen's original query, it seems that these dresses are not merely rare, they are absolutely unique. Boudoir never made any more than the two dresses photographed for the book.
      These two have since been rattling around Y!J a few times...
    6. Yes, I found that info on Budoir's page when I looked a second time, I was obvious too frantic the first time I looked. :sweat Very interesting.

      Well, asked and answered - there are only the two specific outfits!
    7. Does Boudoir exist any more? There is a similar designer -- Honey Meryl -- but I haven't seen Boudoir listed anywhere for a while.
    8. I get the impression that Boudoir and Honey Meryl is the same person - the outfits are so similar, and so are the auctions.

      But I don't know for certain!