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Rasendo Owners - Disscusion:

Nov 14, 2007

    1. I know these dolls are pretty rare...and not many people own them, much less a whole doll; but i wanted to start a discussion anyways.

      I'm currently in the process of adopting from the marketplace a Rasendo Touya...who just so happens to have a rasendo body. which is even rarer to my knowledge.

      I know only one other person who owns one and thats Para-chan214, her Tamsian is a Rasendo Aria, on a Rasendo boy body. She also now owns a Rasendo Elf head.

      Although i am very aware of their initial "problems" with bodies and such...im still kind of drawn to their sculpts.

      So im just curious to know just how many of you actually own one? I do notice that they get no picture time...i never see them in the gallery...I hope to post touya despite his posebility handicaps. :3

      Thanks for reading this and hopefully i can think of something more creative to further this discussion.
    2. i can think of a few other people who own Rasendo dolls -- phoenix_kaji has Hireki, a Rasendo Aria Elf head on a version 1 DIM body, Dezarii has a Rasendo Chidori on a Rasendo male body modified by the talented armeleia, and vicki_j has a lovely white skin Rasendo Elf on the Rasendo D-type girl body.

      ravendolls used to have a Rasendo Elf, but i'm not sure if she does anymore.

      i know many people dislike (or seem to, at least) the Rasendo sculpts, which makes me sad. i've stopped bringing Tamsin to meets as often as i'd like to because of a comment received about Rasendo dolls at the very first meet I went to, when he was my first and only doll.

      since then, though, i have begun bringing him to conventions, because i've found that there ARE people who find his stylized sculpt fascinating, and actually far less 'creepy' than most more popular BJD. i brought him to the supermarket once when i was having a bad day, and a total stranger stopped to look at him and compliment him. i startled her by handing him over so she could hold him and feel his weight and how he moves. *laughs* he's a rare sculpt, but i'm not shy about letting people touch my dolls.

      i'm not fond of ALL Rasendo sculpts, but there are three i've loved, two of which i own. Aria, Elf, and Touya.

      gah, now i have to go back to gigglegeek and look at the Rasendo photos again!
    3. I LOVE Rasendo dolls and hope you'll post photos when you get yours. I discovered BJD's early in 2004; just a little too late to be able to find one. There are definitely people on this board who are drawn to the more unusual dolls.
    4. =O I've never heard of these but you got my interest. Now I'm all curious to see what they look like =o
    5. [​IMG]

      well, here are my two for your perusal. ^_~ from left to right, Saskyia Estarresdottir, my Rasendo Elf head on an oldskin Volks SD10 body, and her grandfather Tamsin Irridiassenn, a Rasendo Aria-Elf head on the Rasendo male body.
    6. Oh id love to see more pictures. Ive only vaguely heard of Rasendo before. And seen em on gigglegeek.

      I really dont see anything extreme about them, besides ears. and hey, bambicrony's have weird ears too xD;

      Im loving your Saskyia >w<
    7. I went through and gathered all the pics off of Giggle Geek...put them in a little colage and decided to post this here for reference sake. (warning nude doll warning)


      Hope this helps to those curious to know about the sculpts.

      -Rasendo is no longer around...so the only way to obtain these sculpts is through the second hand market.

      anyone else know anything else about them?
      • x 1
    8. I remember an Aria head appearing on ebay just over a year ago and I really wanted it. My friend talked me out of it though and I've always regretted it. I was still a n00b back then and my friend told me that I wouldn't be able to get a body for it because the company was bankrupted. At the time I didn't know that I could put it on another companies body. Its a real shame because Aria is very close to what my real name is.
    9. aww that does poot kuroraka-chan. :( good luck in finding her again!
    10. What I love about them are the unusual bodies. I wish I had been able to snag a couple before they went away.
    11. no there not extreme...but they are the epitome of the anime apearence which is slowely disapearing in this hobby. :(
    12. I always loved the Rasendo elf, and I am so sorry I was never able to get one. I always wanted to do a nosejob on Miyu...I just love those translucent mermaid fins! :aheartbea
    13. xD so thats what their bodies look like~ those are unique.

      And its true, the anime appearance is slowly drifting away now that i think about it. it seems more and more realism is popping up.
    14. Actually, Para_chan, your Tamsin used to be mine, I called him Arian. ^_^
      I won him on YJ and he came in pieces with his legs partially modded. I got out a host of huge noisy power tools and finished the job. It was very messy. XD

      I had an elf that had an open mouth too, and another head that had shorter rounded tips to its elf ears. I don't know the names of any of them except Aria though.

      I love the boy body's angular sculpt, too! The girl bodies are very voluptuous (not my favorite style of girl body).

      I've seen at least three different kinds of resin... the first is a heavy opaque almost chalky resin. Tamsin was cast in this stuff if I remember rightly. It was very light-colored. I think Tamsin is beauty white or a light normalskin? I know I've had Rasendo dolls in this kind of resin in both colors.

      Another head I owned (the one with short rounded elf ears) was like your usual normalskin resin... similar to Volks oldskin.

      The girlbody I had was completely different... it was a pale translucent pinkish normalskin. I sold it to someone (it didn't match the head it came with) who gave it a beautiful tattoo, but I know she sold it on, thereafter.

      I saw a Rasendo on YJ recently, but I didn't see what it went for.

      Julia also had an Aria, I think her pics are still in the database.
      Unfortunately I lost all my old Rasendo pics. >_<

    15. thanks for the updates guys! this is interesting!!
    16. heh -- julia's Aria is now phoenix_kaji's Rasendo/DIM hybrid, Hireki! *laughs*

      Rasendo seems to have been known for inconsistency of resin color and feel -- Tam's resin is very opague and scratches easy, while Sas' matches oldskin Volks very closely, even in heft, to a certain extent. Hireki's resin matched really well with v.1 Doll In Mind, surprisingly!

      there is even often inconsistencies in resin coloring -- Tamsin and Saskyia both have whorls in their resin, Sas' more noticable than Tam's due to placement. Hireki, on the other hand, did not, but we had to do restoration work to re-place his ears properly as his were the older mounting system (metal pegs.)
    17. ooh, I'm so happy to see this thread up!

      I really liked Rasendou's dolls, and I kick myself for not biting the bullet and getting at least a Mei head or the open mouth anime girl's head before they went out. At the time, I believe you needed to buy through a shopping service, and I was still too inexperianced and wary to venture down that path. They released those anime girls and then went out of business so soon afterwards, that that was nearly no time to buy them. ;_;

      Kittywolf! I'm so glad you're getting that Touya, because I almost did! XD You rescued me from spending my money, heehee!

      Still, I'd love to take one of them on someday ^^

      PS- I like the large brest option's boobies ;)
    18. Thanks Kittywolf13 for re-kindling discussion (and interest) in these dolls!

      And Nakitama, I never did see the anime girls at all!! I think they're completely adorable!!! I've never even see one on YJ, and I comb though their bjd every day!!! I'd *love* to have "anime basic" wouldn't that be the best?!

      Maybe someday!!!
    19. I can't imagine people giving Rasendo dolls a hard time. I think it's interesting to compare them to the molds made this past year. You can see where the trends changed, but even for there time, they made a lot of variety. I admired one at Y!Con 2006. It was a beautiful doll I still dream about. I think it was Tamsin but, It's been so long I can't be sure(I was told his head was a girl mold put on a boy body from the same company). Anyway I put the idea on thw back burner when I found out how hard it would be to get one. I keep an eye out and almost bought that Aria on ebay earlier this year too (funny that there where so many of us eyeing that head). Maybe one day...I can dream I guess :)
    20. Lol! I know...i save alot of people from spending their dolly money! :P I wanted to save him from being a modding experiment...:D he deserves better i think! XD but i cant wait to meet him! it shall be interesting. he should be shipped sometime the weekend or next week...stupid holidays.

      no problem! these resin beauties deserve more love!

      Probably is tamsin...he gets around alot. XD the grumpy old fae!! XD