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rasendou has new body and heads available!

Mar 31, 2005

    1. http://yuusei.co.jp/rasendou/japanese/index.html

      The new body looks really strange...the joints are exposed in a weird way. But the new heads are so cute! They're sort of like Dollfie Dream heads but cuter. :D

      mou~ maybe someone said soemthing about this before... but a search turned up nothing so I thought I'd post it anyway. :oops:
    2. Aww, the second head is so cute. ^___^

      The body (what you can see?) doesn't surprise me all that much, it's very Rasendou, IMHO
    3. i adore the rascendo D bust body... i'de love one one day.. but i cant find the picture of the new body?

      <3 rascendo ^_^ the heads arent my style tho.. too animeish for me (but i guess that's the point). I wonder if the heads are interchangable to a DD?
    4. [​IMG][​IMG]

      Personally, I don't like the "new body" at all. She looks way too slim and her shoulder joints look too bulbous to me.

      Of course, I do think the new anime heads are really cute. heheh :)
    5. it seems like they are heading in the obitsu/DD direction, only in resin, which would make those who dislike vinyl quite pleased.
    6. Hm, the more I look at it the more the new body doesn't seem so strange to me. It looks good with the new heads anyway.

      I agree, it's nice to see some life in the site, I really like Rasendo! Do you still need a shopping service to order for you? I would really like to get the Mei head mold. One more thing, does anyone know if their english site is still up? I couldn't find it.... :oops:
    7. Awww, the second head is so kawaii <3

      I usually go for unusual looking dolls, but there's something about the new body that's throwing me off. I think it's the position that the body is in, it looks like it's top-heavy. The shoulders are sagging a bit.
    8. I think you can order direct but it's a bank transfer. You could email them and ask, I'm sure they're very nice. :3 I'm still in love with their head with the really long elf ears... she looks like Deedlit! It also looks like they discontinued their boy?
    9. That poor new body needs to eat something :D

      The heads are really cute though!
    10. Hi, Could one of you veterans tell a newbie how much the old raseno bodies cost.