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rasta brownie by ccc

Dec 7, 2009

    1. yes they really need a new discussion I think? they don't belong in the firefly thread do they?.....I think the same is for all of you orderd robin the vampire hunter???....
      I think they are very cute and different.
      anybody orderd one? I did order the choco colour but not the rasta wig...he/she is not going to be rasta I think......I can always order later....
      mine will be sexless? I mean not girl not boy....just brownie:) he really reminds of me of the flakeling... http://www.itsablackthang.com/ThomasBlackshearFlakelingTales.htm
    2. I got an x-mas if I started a thread for them too
      Did you see the news section that says C-man will work on a project with Brian Froud!!

      Brownie is sooo cute but I have a fairy in transport (I wasn't supposed to IF) if you know what I mean :lol:
    3. ....omg Brian Froud? *watches thread* I was never a big fan of CCC, but I adore Brian Froud!!!!
    4. oh but I odore the creatures from charles...and working together with brian and wendy will give us a great combination...I think wendy's work is very simulair to charles work...they all seem to have something extra.....not to perfect:).....I have some dolls that are to pretty to play with, like my pukifee, really need to sell them....I love the more normal ones like real people/fairies.....
    5. I love the brownies! I'm not sure I can get one, but I'm going to try. Looks like they will be limited by date not numbers.
    6. ooooh I love them so much but I can't afford them yet *sobs*
    7. I wasn't really fond of them at first but Bailey Rose is really growing on me D: I... I must have her.
    8. I'm with you Wilkies :) only great things can come from a combo like this!
    9. I need Baily Rose more than air ! LOL
    10. I don't necssarily want to start a debate but this needs to be addressed. I take offense at the fact that we have Rasta dolls being discussed on DoA. I understand that this is perhaps just a name but the Rastafarian religion is inherently anti-white, considering all Europeans to be evil. While some Rastas don't subscribe to this racist belief, it is a basic teaching of their religion. This seems equivalent to displaying a white supremacist doll or the likes, in clan attire.
    11. oh but that's not what I know about the rastafari . there are white people rastafari too....ofcourse the roots are against the slavery of the black people...you can find more information : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rastafari_movement
      but there is really not a hate against white or european!!
      if we have to read everything literally then all religions make us hate other religions....this is the course of all the misunderstanding, so please be carefull with what you are writing:?
    12. mimimoon I think that the term Rasta for the Brownies refers only to their wig that gives them that look and does not subscribe to the religion. I'm sure they aren't meant to be non-PC.

      I love the chocolate Brownie but doubt I will be getting him since they are so limited.
    13. While CCC has named these dolls Rasta Brownies, please keep the discussion focussed on the dolls and not religious, political or cultural implications of the use of the term rasta. Keep it clean, Den of Angels does not welcome discussion or bashing of religion or politics, it's all about the Ball Jointed Dolls.
    14. mimimoon - firstly please get your 101 on sociology and racism first before making such an ignorant statement. Comparing rastas to the klan is like comparing a pinprick and a stab would. I find it offensive that you hint that CCC may somehow be racist... they are the OPPOSITE of racist, I'd noted the first description of these dolls "exotic colouring" and Charles changed the description immediately!

      now, I like to pretend I already have these dolls... they will be garden fairies or book fairies (too look after my study hehehe)... I do not plan to buy the wigs so they won't even look rastafarian although they do look very cute with the wigs.
    15. Those wigs are adorable extremely cute. Well, of course, they are coming to live with me (or, more precisely, my Real Pukis although the thought of what the four of them might get up to is giving me more grey hairs!). Yes, I agree with gooblyglob, Charles creates dolls that bring people together and I'm sure these Brownies will be just the same. It still awes me the sense of community his Fidelia has created. His work is about magic and love and acceptance and I know these little wonders will embody those qualities!
    16. so not so many reactions on the brownie's I am sure there will be once people see pictures of him/her....with fidelia there weren't much people in the beginning but now there are even more lovers joining.......
    17. I would have thought the size alone would have drawn more people in since they are going to be the same size as the Realpukis. People who aren't lucky enough to have a CCC doll have no idea what they are missing out on! Sometimes I worry his creations will get too popular and then they will be impossibly hard to get!
    18. Oh I want one badly! But they are soooo tiny, I have to stop myself from ordering and remind myself that me and tiny dolls aren't happy together. Little Tilly Moon is all I can handle, but I did see these on DDE, which has layaway, so maybe.....
    19. oh I really really really want Bailey Rose... but I don't have enough money for layby yet :(
    20. yes I orderd with layaway, charles will send me a note with how much I have to pay......so it will take a long time before this tiny will come...first I have to pay in 3 or 4 terms then it will go to sweetly twisted for the face-up and then it will be sent to me....perhaps charles can send it to the face-up while I still have to pay....so that when I finished my payments he/she will be ready to come home!!!:) I will sure ask...