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Raurencio Studio - 65cm Ian

Apr 29, 2011

    1. He looks so handsome and serene wearing this outfit! I can't wait to see what Raurencio comes up with next! It's quite nice that a small company is willing to donate proceeds for Japan's Earthquake Relief.
    2. Raurencio are killing me!!! Their last heads are simply AMAZING!
      The sculpt is so detailled! <3 <3 <3

      Though I think the body is much too big and too heavy for such young boy^^
    3. Wow!!!!!!
      He's eyes!!! so cute!!! first photo looks like my little puppy XD <3 <3
      I wan't to see this boy on thin body. :o
    4. Wow, I love him even more then adonis! I love the droopy puppy eyes, it's must be my favorite eye shape. Raurencio is like on some crazy over drive. I love them and it's very sweet they are offering some of the proceeds from their new dolls to charity.
    5. I love his face, but it feels like his head doesn't match his body.
    6. Wow, Raurencio is on a roll with all these releases and they're all so gorgeous! Those lips, I love.
      I too think that the body doesn't match him that greatly either, sad to say.
    7. Oh my goodness! What a sweetie - he looks a lot like a Dollzone Wilka - he'd be great as a big brother to my Wilka twins. Can you buy just the head? I agree with the person above that this body is too mature for such a sweet, young looking face.

      EDIT> Yes - you can buy just the head. I found the link on the site.
    8. He's adorable! He reminds me of Napidoll's Lucifer ^__^ It's a shame he's so big though... does Raurencio sell heads separately? If so I might get him anyway and put him on a nice slender body- I agree that the one he's on doesn't really suit his innocent face in the photos. ;)
    9. Yes you can buy his head seperatly. I think i'm going to get one when I can. He looks like a big version of their mini boys, and I was thinking how much I liked their cutie minis the other day. But SD is better for me!