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Raurencio Studio Calian

Jul 19, 2009

    1. :drool:drool:drool What a faaaaace... Holy crud, he's sexy! So pretty and yet so damned masculine! *swoons*
    2. I really love this guy - wow! Such an intelligent, masculine face!
    3. Oh my. *__*
      He's disconcertingly pretty.
      I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what people do with him!
    4. OH MY GOD O_O.......*drools*
      He is amazing! He looks so confident and manly but not overly so.
      Fabulous sculpt!

      Maybe....I should....you know.....>_>??
    5. He's certainly a LOOKER!

      I like how he's presented - very dramatic.
    6. OH HAWTNESS :o I really liket that wig too.
    7. He's gorgeous! They have a couple of nice one. But has anyone else noticed the wrists on their bodies? Look kind of odd.
    8. He's pretty, I'm sure he'll be a big winner for Raurencio project :aheartbea
    9. -obs- i saw him and had to have him..for some reason he shouts Sherlock at me o_O [has in Sherlock Holmes..why? o_O] It's gonna take me ages to save for him once I get Kaitlin...
    10. sherlok holmes?
      *rolling on the floor*:mwahaha

      But well on the second sight, you might be right! He has very intelligent analytical look in his eyes!

      Another idea/I just realized: I think Unidoll has another sculptor now, coz Raurencio probably opened his own company naow?
    11. *mops up the puddle of drool she made and fetches more mops for others who may need them*

      Damn he's sexy. *Throws him on the list of dolls she plans on getting*
    12. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      Now I am doommmmmmmmmed.....
      I am so into this guy............
    13. Yes, I've already added him to my list too! Harpy, he'd make a great (albeit hot!) Holmes! He's got the right expression and a good nose! I'm thinking I'm in need of a new elf boy and I bet he'd mod up nicely!
    14. He is reeeealllly nice. I love how intense and masculine he is. I think I must plot a way to bring him home.
    15. Oh MY~ I love his eyes and the shape of his nose... dear, dear, I've always wanted a big boy. :D
    16. So pretty =o= :aheartbea He's an interesting height too.
    17. I was looking out for a doll to be a Sherlock and he seems perfect. I guess it must be the look in his eyes. :3

      ETA: Does anyone know what clothes and wigs may fit him? I'm terrible with measurements ^^;
    18. Yes; Unidoll has another sculptor though the body is still the one done by Raurencio.

      I have had Remiel on my wishlist since released and I'm going to have to add Calian as well.
    19. He's my Royce. I've been looking for him forever. Not all that thrilled with the body's legs and hands, but I'll probably get him whole at some point because I don't like the idea of trying to do a hybrid. Sigh. He's wonderful. Definitely up close to the top of my list.