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Raurencio studio new lady line -MAYA

May 30, 2010

    1. Hello everyone!
      We will release NEW raurencio studio lady line
      We hope lots of your interest about her
      Thank you~


    2. How large is she and when will she go on sale? I could not find anyting on your site about her except pictures in your gallery
    3. We release NEW raurencio studio lady line- MAYA today
    4. Is there no longer an english version of the website? It does not seem to be giving me an option to choose anymore.
    5. www.raurencio.net is the English version.
    6. [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Maya $585[/FONT]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Height[/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ](Including head) [/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] 62cm [/FONT]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of neck 9cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of Head 19cm (7~8inch)[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of chest 26.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of waist 18.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of hip 28.5m [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of wrist 5.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Right handbreadth 3cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Left handbreadth 3cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Width of shoulder include arm 12cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from shoulder to elbow 9cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from elbow to wrist 8.5cm[/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of ankle 6.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Girth of knee 11cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from navel to knee 20cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Length from knee to sole of the foot 20.5cm [/FONT]​
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Width of shoulder include arm 12cm [/FONT]​
    7. raurencio studio lady line body image