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Raurencio Studio open!!!

Sep 20, 2008

    1. Hellow, everyone!
      We opened the doll sculpture studio newly.
      Please give a concern request From now on.

      raurencio studio.....

    2. Will the body be stocked in near future?
    3. these are very interesting sculpts! thank you for making them available!

      do you have plans to re-release the body and the clothes? and how "normal" is the skin? (to what other company could the body be similar in normal hue?)
    4. raurencio studio's nomal skin is similar other company
    5. racius, which one? Like Volks, Unidoll, Souldoll or ...?
    6. similar unidoll skin color.....i had made unidoll's real line bodys...
    7. Is the body will be limited? I hope not :(
    8. Raurencio Studio Man body



      Height(Including head) 67cm
      Girth of neck 11cm
      Girth of Head 23cm (9inch)
      Girth of chest 31cm
      Girth of waist 23.5cm
      Girth of hip 28m
      Girth of wrist 7.2cm
      Right handbreadth 4cm
      Left handbreadth 4cm
      Width of shoulder include arm 16cm
      Length from shoulder to elbow 10.5cm
      Length from elbow to wrist 10.5cm
      Girth of ankle 9.5cm
      Girth of knee 14cm
      Length from navel to knee 21cm
      Length from knee to sole of the foot 21cm
      Width of shoulder include arm 16cm

      They are different according to a measurement method.
    9. There may be no way to use the heads with other bodies without filling in some of the under-head area, or fit other heads with these bodies without modding. The neck is a full cm bigger than any other male neck.

      Guess I'll just have to consider getting the whole thing--
    10. Well apparently someone was a little quick on the trigger finger here, as my post asking a question was removed.

      I'm wondering whether there are plans to re-release the heads and bodies separately -- as right now it appears that the only options are to purchase the full doll.