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Raurencio Studio Racius, Baal, and Remiel

Sep 21, 2008

    1. I'm liking the body very much, and the headsculpts are intriguing, especially for Baal. A male doll head that is characterful and not overly feminine - very much what I'm looking for with regards to my Insane Warhammer 40K Project.

      - Mel
    2. I like their realistic facial structure but I'm not liking their lips shape. Interesting yes, but not to my taste. Could be I just have to wait for future molds to find a good one.
    3. I have to agree completely. The lips are kinda off-putting for me. But I still love the company and hope to see much more from them!
    4. I love the look of the third head (too lazy at dawn to look up his correct name, starts with R). It's too bad the neck is a full centimeter larger around than the UD, or any male 60ish-cm neck. That's going to preclude a simple body or head switch without some adjustments.

      I wish the UD bodies had the bulkier arms and neck to be more in proportion to the torso. But this company (or can I just say "he"?) has slimmed down the legs and they have less definition. I'm not liking that, but I can understand the reason -- the bottom of the hip piece has gotten the most alteration, eliminating the "jockey shorts" bottom. Well, at least the "quadriglute" problem seems to have been solved!
    5. I wonder if they fixed the waist joint to be movable, because that's one of the problems with the Unireal body, they have a 'waist joint', but it doesn't move!
    6. I agree with Humbug. If its 'waist joint' can move, I would replace my jace's body with this body.
    7. I find their faces quite fascinating. It's nice to see guys whose faces don't look feminine. I find that curl on Racius' lips very interesting. It gives him character.
    8. Wow, these guys are interesting! I for one really like their lips - it makes them look unique and very different, in a good, manly sort of way. Actually, they sort of remind me of Unidoll sculpts, but toned down - Baal especially looks like Ark. The body looks good too, but I wonder if it poses well.

      Anyway I hope this company finds success! So far, I'm liking what I see.
    9. Baal reminded me of Ark too. I thought he'd make a great villain for my characters.
    10. Patrice and I have been discussing these guys since the News thread post. I immediately could tell they were done by the Unidoll sculptor before I read that information.

      I love my Jace and I'm glad to see Raurencio has made the body more proportional. I would prefer the larger thighs of the UD body and have larger arms. But, I like this body well enough.

      I like all the sculpts but like Remiel best. I want him for my Elfdoll Hazy.

      chizzie_shark - Baal reminds me more of Feanor than Ark. He has the same turned up corners to the lips. Where Feanor has a sort of silly smirk Baal has a more cynical, perhaps sinister look.
    11. The sculpts looks more slim and younger then the Unidoll sculpts. I like Remiel. ^^

      To me Baal looks more like an older Uh-08.
      About the body: I love to see more poses. It looks (and I hope) they fixed the double butt syndrome. They kept the hidden double joint X.x which I'm not so found of.

      Edit: @coleen: You are right. I see too Baal comes closer to Feanor.
    12. chizzie shark, Patrice S, thanks.
      I had made unidoll bodys, and heads (include Ark,Feanor...)......I opened own my studio-raurencio studio newly. We show from now on the doll to be artistic. give many concern request.
    13. @racius: I wish you all the best with your new studio. ^_^ Love to see more of your work. I own an Ark and he is my big favorite. :D
    14. Waaa *drool* :D
      I'm wanting the body for my minimees :D
    15. I'm mostly interested in the-hott!- body. But without the joint on the chest he can't bend forward much can he? The heads are quite handsome but I think the eyes are a bit too close to the bridge of their nose. (buts that's just my opinion. ^^) Reli interesting though!
    16. I really like the Baal face, I figure I can always sand down the nose to look like the one on Racius. Heaven knows I customized my Ark easily enough.
    17. I'm already figuring out a character name for Remiel. Oh, he makes my heart sing!
    18. My thoughts exactly. It has the right level of realism for it; I really hope we get to see what that looks like and if the resin is a passable match. The size sounds about right.

      Granted, I really like two of the three heads a lot. Well, I like all three since they're right up my alley, but there are two of the three that blend better with my style... sigh. Realllly beautiful work there.
    19. Thank you Racius for making such wonderful dolls and I wish you the best.