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Raurencio Studio's Christmas Event for Members

Dec 17, 2010

    1. As stated on their Notice Board on the Raurencio Studio website:

      Merry Christmas~!!!

      Hello, it¡¯s Raurencio Studio.

      We prepared special events for customers to celebrate Christmas!!

      Event period: 2010. 12. 19 ~ 12. 31

      The first event!

      We sell 60cm ladies¡¯ head that many people inquired about during this event to repay all your support and interest!

      The heads will not be sold after the event, so don¡¯t miss this chance to buy ladies¡¯ head~!

      The second event!

      We give a head in the same size as a present to 65cm boy doll purchasers!

      * This event applies only to boy doll purchasers and offers a random head without makeup.

      * Event head type cannot be selected. And if you want to have a makeup head, please add a makeup option.

      The third event!
      period: 2010. 12. 23 ~ 12. 31

      Cute and lovely Solenn and Edan with basic line many of you look forward to visit you with their friends!!

      To celebrate new launching of 40cm basic dolls, we will give doll purchasers a head and extra parts in the same size as your doll during the event!

      - Head presented to all doll purchasers

      - Taki - Solenn¡¯s limited fairy ear parts presented

      - Daisy, Paul, Bella and Ted – extra hand parts presented

      * The type of event head cannot be selected, and if you want to have a makeup event head, please add a makeup option.

      * Limited fairy ear parts may not be attached perfectly due to their fixing method using magnet, and it is not compatible with Taki.

      * Extra hand parts are presented to Daisy, Paul, Bella and Ted and they are available to Taki by using an option.

      We hope to get a lot of support and interest from you.

      Please ask on the Q&A board if you have any questions-

      Merry and happy Christmas with Raurencio studio~

      ¡¶ Notice about the event ¡·

      * When the events finished, you can benefit from the events if you make payment within 3 days. (You can¡¯t benefit from it after 3 days.)

      * It¡¯s impossible to ship a doll purchased during the event till Christmas, and your order may not be shipped on time because of the volume of orders due to the event. Please excuse a shipping delay.

      Raurencio Studio English Website
    2. First Event:

      The Ladies' Line Heads are available for purchase now! They are available blank or with 2 faceup options:




      Second Event:

      The Studio 65 Man's Line are also up with the random event head option.

      Studio 65 Men's Line